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  • I love this extension, it's very well done & very useful for many things including: offline browsing; & record-keeping ( extensively tried in Linux ). And it doesn't pilfer my private data. Viva la libre.
  • The file is well compressed and it seems to save even the images. So far so good! I only have one question: Is it saving the whole page content for offline use? Even the images and other files that would normally be outside of the HTML-file? Because it looks almost too good to be true haha
    Yes it does save the whole page content :)
  • Exceptional work.
  • First experience is good also there is no alternative its only 4 stars because some page not saved

    Edit : You know what ..you deserve 5 Stars because I like people how work hard to improve there project
    This is for your replay to my Email (I stopped believing that fixing bugs helps to get more stars)
    please keep your good working
    I do my best to fix all the issues that could exist. If you want me to fix the problems you have encountered then you should report them to me.

    Edit: Thank you very much for your review and sorry if I sounded a little harsh. Feel free to fill an issue on GitHub (https://github.com/gildas-lormeau/SingleFile/issues) if you encounter any problem.
  • Hello can you tell me the location of the images saved while save the webpage. Is it inside the html file or somewhere else
    Hi, images are saved in the page itself.
  • This addon works better than "Save File WE". SFWE tends to exclude some items from a save whereas "SingleFile" appears to save all items. I will continue to use SingleFile for my saving addon in both Firefox and Chrome. Great job, gildas.
  • 100% working
  • super awesome! reduced file size but as complete as before, MOST SIGNIFICANTLY, it solve my problem I've been suffering: the saved pages from CSDN will never automatically jump to its home page again! That was definitely bullshit u know!