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  • THis is good but can you make the tabs go all the way to the top in full screen so you can clik it
  • Such a good theme. All the elements have clearly been carefully considered. Spacing is great, icons are great (I have to hide ublock and other unacceptable icons lol). Thank you for not making everything too squared off. Also, at last, the size of the favicons seems balanced against the size of the tab and the tab text. That's what this theme really achieves -- a nice sense of balance without any distractions to make browsing the mostly disastrously designed world wide web a little more bearable.
  • Great look! But aswell as others I'm missing my favorite för FF v. 57. Hope for an update soon.
    Thanks for great work!
  • This theme is perfect please update it for Firefox Quantum
  • Beautiful theme for firefox. Waiting for new update on Firefox 57...
  • This is a beautiful theme!!! Thank you so much to Louis Chan having created it, and Graciliano for adapting for the newer Firefox versions! I've been using it for 2 years or so. I'm now waiting for the next update for Firefox 57.0 compatibility. I can't wait for my browsing experience to return to the minimal, streamlined, visually elegant experience this theme formerly provided!
  • Thank you (for update maintain and improve) and original author for design

    This is great and minimal clear, clean white theme

    A suggestion, could to create a "version" with "aluminium" light grey ;)

    Thanks in advance
  • This is a great theme. It's clean, minimalist and beautiful. Firefox looks better now!
  • Firefox looks much better now! Thank you!
  • thanks for this theme...I have been using the Simple White for quite some time and I hope it will make its way to the future versions of Firefox...can´t imagine to feel comfortable using the fox without this simple and clean them
  • Thank you for updating it. Will you (developer) make it compatible with firefox57+ ?
  • amazing theme, use it for 3 years
  • I would not use Firefox without this theme. As simple as that.

    I give it 4 stars because I've found a couple (mostly minor) issues. I'd give it 7 if those were solved ;)
    Please post both problems separately to the Github site. The issue about the checkboxes is certainly serious so I will give it some priority.
  • Previous comments on the subject unacknowledged; unfortunately unusable now.
    In general, the compatibility Firefox themes (light or complete) have nothing to do with multi-process. The fact is the old Firefox SDK (XUL) is deprecated and any new extension for Firefox 57 and later has to be done over WebExtensions. As I understand this should mean changing/replacing some files that install/load/describe the resources in the theme. I am yet awaiting for details on what to change from mozilla. However, legacy addons may still be used within Firefox 57 and 58(?) by setting the key extensions.legacy.enabled 'true' in about:config. There is a separate key, extensios.allow-non-mpc-extensions, that could allow non-multiprocess addons, but it has nothing to do with legacy themes. That said, yes, I am behind in updating for the new photon structure for the interface. I was hoping to have a pre-release in the development site today.
  • good
  • I do not like how the picture shows that it can combine with other themes but it actually can't. Simple is great and all but I wanted to change the white background (on tab) to another theme while still using the simple settings itself. How do I combine other themes with this simple feature like the picture did??

    Thank you so much for replying and for the information. Though I've been using Firefox for awhile now, I still lack the knowledge of add-ons and such. I do still LOVE the simple/rounded setting and icons. Once again, my deepest apologies and I will now change my rating :)
    You need to change the light weight theme through the add-on Persona Switcher. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/personaswitcher/ . I had been a bit behind on the support for light weight themes. I will soon update for improved support.
  • Erfrischend einfach und platzsparend, endlich mal ein Thema das (bisher) problemlos mit light themes kombinierbar ist. Gratulation, wirklich gut gelungen!
  • Great job dude. And it will be very appreciated if there comes a DARK version of the theme.
  • Saw a link to this theme in the original Simple White reviews and was very happy to see there was a new version. Will you continue updating post Firefox 57 when only WebExtension themes are allowed?
    Thank you. I am trying to keep updating...
  • The best theme out there. I especially like the clean and subtle stile of tabs and bookmark folders.
  • Only theme I will ever use on Firefox. Cheers to the developer for maintaining this theme
  • The default theme on Linux Mint doesn't interest me much, then I find this theme, how lucky I am. It works well with Cinnamon's title bar.
  • Awesome theme, saves space and looks pretty.
    Please, update it to new Firefox API!
  • I like it a lot! Awesome theme
  • As the title says, this is a great skin. However, this skin prevents users from using multi-process windows which degrades performance.