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  • worked on my android ff.
  • 为什么下载不到的?
  • Better proxy switcher for fennec on low end android device, can use autoproxy.txt
  • 史上最好用,连接稳定,网速快。超级给力!
  • Firefox and Chrome extensions both have areas to enter one's login credentials within the extension, then prompts the user for those credentials again when switching to another proxy server. What's the point of entering credentials in the app to save and make switching proxies simple when the user is prompted for the credentials again anyway? Is it broke? Am I not doing something correctly on the 4 computers and 3 browsers (opera is the 3rd) this issue occurs? The idea is great, but its functionality is either missing or I'm not troubleshooting something correctly.
  • Simple but practical
  • Great extension, but wish that defined proxies/settings would migrate between synchronized copies of Firefox on different machines (using the sync service). Can't figure out where the settings are being stored either (so I could restore the file from an old, corrupted profile to a fresh one).
  • Why the input fields are not left-justified but centered? It is ugly!!!
    Optimized in the latest version.
  • Simple and useful, works well on desktop, but doesn't work for android version. Quote from my proxy log:
    time="2018-04-27T20:00:41+03:00" level=error msg="client: 9x.xxx.xxx.xxx:55450 auth error: socks5 client don't provide supported authentication methods"
  • Could you make a grey or black color sign when it's off?
    When the proxy mode is enabled (except the "direct" mode), the icon with a small globe (at the lower right corner) will be shown.
  • Simply just switches between different proxy
  • 非常方便的一个代理切换器。我一直在找的代理切换器就是这样的!!!
  • does not work for android
  • 超级好用的一款工具,简单强大!
    Very awesome! Simple but powerful!
  • 真是简单明了,对于某些浅度用户来说是很好的选择。。。
    Thanks for your support.
  • Il migliore, lo uso da fisso e mobile. Semplice e senza cagate varie.
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