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  • nice addon it's working great
  • Unfortunately doesn't work anymore.
  • Keep up doing great work !
  • Great addon but not working with the following addons installed:

    uBlock origin
    YouTube High Definition
  • This was a great little add-on, and I have no doubt that the dev will work out the recent issue to bring it back but I can confirm that with ff update v.50.1 the repeat button has disappeared when you are logged in just as another reviewer has said.

    UPDATE: Wow. Well, either the dev just so happened to find a fix ten minutes after I posted the above OR I have found a way to resolve...
    You just need to log out and log back in. I don't know why it works, but it does. The repeat button will reappear.
  • Excellent !,

    but, button disappears when logged in with google account in youtube.
    Thanks for the feedback, I will try to reproduce and fix the bug.
  • 80 lines of code to give you a repeat button on youtube. awesome!
  • É muito prático. Principalmente quando estou em outra aba ou janela e quero continuar ouvindo o mesmo clip, sem precisar parar para dar um replay. Às vezes o botão some! Em tal caso, eu dou um reload no vídeo (na aba inteira). E se assim mesmo não reaparecer o botão, eu abro a página onde estão os add-ons e abro o Simple YT Repeater apenas para uma leitura. Fecho, volto para o YouTube, dou reload na página inteira e o discreto botão reaparece. Mas isto só em último caso, que é difícil acontecer. Mas, fica a dica aqui para quem tiver problema semelhante algum dia. Se possuir um bom PC, isso nunca vai acontecer!
    É uma excelente extensão!!! Aconselho a todos, pois já tive outros e não funcionaram a contento.
  • Can you adjust the icon size and position in full screen mode?

    EDIT: and one more thing, when you're playing video into a playlist the repeater does not work, can you fix this?
    Thanks for the feedback! I will add it in the next update. It will come in 2-3 weeks.
  • Great, but does not work on firefox with mobile view!
    Please fix!
    Thanks for the feedback. I have no current plans to add mobile support, but I will take a look at it next month.
  • Clean and simple, thanks!
  • Un module simplissime, installé en un clic, sans redémarrage... et qui fonctionne parfaitement !
    Merci beaucoup!
  • Simple and perfect!
  • Perfect!
  • Works perfectly.
  • This addon is awesome and elegent!
    It embeds on player as its a part of player (Y)
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