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194 reviews for this add-on
  • THe best add-on for Youtube Mp3

  • Does what i need it to and that's just about fine for me

  • Simple? Yes. Works? Kind of... Worth it? Definitely not!

    This add-on doesn't really download anything from YouTube. It sends the link to another server (, what is a total break of privacy. That should be stated on the add-on's description.

  • 0% load. Not work!

  • simple, easy. Thanx a lot.

  • Works fine for music videos but I get "video too long" on audio books.

    The main thing is NOT MALWARE!

  • didn't work, just displays an error page when i try to download

  • Работает без нареканий

  • Doesnt work

  • Never managed to get this to work, always returns an error code, using other tools fine, too bad.

  • It does exactly what it's supposed to do! :D

  • Funktioniert einwandfrei.

  • It works! Thank you!

  • AWESOME. JUST what I was searching for.

  • Ich war sehr unzufrieden, weil das Add-On nur etwa bei jedem 3. Video funktioniert hat.
    Habe es wieder deaktiviert.

  • When I go and see a youtube video the button doesn't appear. but when I refresh it then the button is there. Please fix this ASAP.

  • Rapido, Sin propaganda fastidiosa, y sin redireccionar link!! Gracias

  • just what i wanted.

  • good

  • Simply and fast, just the way a like it.

  • Simple and easy to get the mp3

  • No button. Restarted Firefox. Restarted computer. Nothing changed.

  • Exactly what I wanted, Thanks!

  • it currently works for me but apparently sometimes it doesn't work judging from the reviews

  • Exactly what I've needed for the past year or so. I couldn't be more satisfied with this addon :)