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  • Ever since finding this add-on, its been like having a personal assistant to read out long documents for me.

    Only down side that I have come across is that it is not compatible with FireFox 55.0.2
    I do hope that an update fix comes down the line since I use this add-on for a lot of my web browsing tools.
  • It is everything I need. A tts tool that speaks using UK accent and works with webpages and pdf files. But it would be even better if I could change the language and also the speaking rate. That's okay, though :)
  • I have been installing many Firefox TTS plugins, as I am trying to find one which meets my needs. This fits one of them perfectly, a natural sounding TTS voice. The voice on Simple TTS is perfect, it is very clear, sounds almost human. But, the simplicity of Simple TTS means that it lacks settings. I would really like to increase the speed of Simple TTS, it is too slow for me. I want to use it to assist me in reading, so that I can stay focused more easily, but it really just ends up slowing my reading down. Please consider adding a speed toggle or tell how it can be modified to achieve that effect.
  • Correction! The momentary stopping I reported was caused by a faulty internet connection. So, I now think it was a 5-star app.
  • my feedback is now edited after a couple of days using it.
    guys, just check FOXVOX and make an add like it.
    your reader voice is not very clear
    it stops when & is encountered (should read special character)
    there is no way to stop or halt the reading
    when text is long it doesnt read.
    voila you got things to fix
  • So, I have kept the app because it is again the best TTS I have ever used but come on, something has to give with it vanishing and needing new downloads.
  • It speaks perfect British English. The speed is just fine. It would be better if it can speak Chinese as well.
  • Great text to speech addons. Please add a pause/stop/play button.
  • Sounds great; however, the website I need this for doesn't allow right click. Can you please allow a hot key to speak. Thank you!
  • This is a great sounding TTS program, the voice is quite good and the the flow of the speech more natural than most TTS addons. If you use NoScript, you NEED to allow ispeech.org or the addon doesn't work.

    If the developer would add a pause/play and stop button it would make it 5 stars. As it stands, once I start a selection to speak, I HAVE to wait until it finishes. Sure hope it is implemented in the near future.
  • The voice is pretty good, much better than other apps.
  • The simpliest to get to work and use. I'm with Firefox 34 & Ubuntu 14.04 : It works Great! I never had such good quality voices in linux yet.
    Only con point : It's not verified yet. I hope it's safe ?
  • 好聽過Google translate。
  • This is the clearest, pleasantest, more realistic voice I have ever heard on a TTS app. I feel like I'm listening to audible, really! However I would really really appreciate a speed adjustment option and this add-on has limited usefulness to me without that feature.
  • This has a great TTS voice. I encounter a bug that the speech stops when encountering the # character, which I can overlook given the poor TTS voice quality other programs offer.
  • The best TTS I've run across. I can easily understand the words that are spoken, something I can't say about most other TTS addons.

    The speech is spoken in a lightly British female accent. The timing of words is more natural than most other TTS apps and addons I've used. Can't ask for anything more.
  • This doesn't work for me. I don't see any context menu when I highlight the words and right-click. I'm using FF 28.0.
  • Simple but impressive, thank you!
  • I have tried previous TTS applications as well as having extensive experience using SIRI on the iPhone and I can say without a doubt that this application is the unequivocal winner. I base this mostly on how natural and pleasing to the ear the speech is. I am very impressed with how appropriately intonation is used. This seems to be the largest hurdle for programmers and I would say this is easily the best I have ever heard. This woman's voice is borderline sexy.
  • Best TTS plugin on Firefox
  • Удобное дополнение для качественного воспроизведения английского текста! Подчеркиваю, оно не переводит текст - только озвучивает.
    При выделении любой фразы или отдельного слова нужно нажать на выделенное правой кнопкой мышки, затем выбрать Speak Simple TTS. Очень просто.
  • I managed to add another language.


    1) Go to ispeech to find the proper voice: http://www.ispeech.org/developer/gettingstarted/web
    2) Downlowd the xpi archive from this mozilla page. It is zip archive in reality
    3) Edit the file resources/simple-tts/lib/main.js and replace voice parameter in the audio.src
    4) install add-on from a local file
  • It is wonderful! Thank you!
  • This looks great and works very well for me, but I would love to see languages other than English supported, such as the other languages supported by iSpeech. That would make this a killer app for me!
  • Lovely - very useful indeed for those who don't want to use a full screen reader. Is there any way to pause the playback of the speech? Also - being able to define a keyboard shortcut to start the speech would be amazing. That really would make the add-on complete.
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