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  • Thank you for reincarnating such a vital feature. Last thing I miss( and miss SO much) is 'free arrange'. may I ask when it will be ready? I really cant stay on old Firefox no more(
  • It just works and it made me feels good organizing tabs :)
  • I wish you implement "select last active tab after closing current tab" feature.

    I have tried 2 other addons that bring this functionality, but they both conflict with your addon:

    When I switch from group A to group B and then close active tab in this B group - I am switched back to A group. That works like it should be: last active tab was that one in A group.

    But if I switch back to group B again - then any active tab from A "moves" to group B.

  • I think you just changed the way I will use Firefox. This is absolutely ideal.

    I wonder if you have distant plans to implement the ability to change the window background/theme. It would be a luxury, I know; but I feel compelled to nudge you in that direction anyway. ;)
    Please wait for the release of firefox 63 and the new version of STG. Dark theme will be available
  • good addon.
    please enhance the performance in groups change.
  • Best FF addon! Thank you!
  • I only tried this briefly before I removed the extension. First, it would not recognize my pinned tabs so I had to un-pin tabs to add them to groups. Then it crashed my browser twice.
  • This has a lot of potential to become the best tab grouping addon for Firefox. Design should be more elegant in Dark Mode as well. Thanks to the developer, you did a great job!
  • I don't understand how anyone could use FF without this add-on. Very easy to understand and does exactly what one would expect it to.

    FF crashed and I lost all my tabs + groups the other day. After an hour or so of messing around with .json/.jsonlz4 files, I concluded that FF had just lost them. I'm glad that I had made a backup from STG, it's unfortunate that it's wayy back from 6 months ago.
    Could an auto-backup feature be added? I don't trust FF with my tabs anymore.
  • If you manage to do the "free arrangment" in "Manage groups" you will get 5 stars and 6 if FF supports it one day :D
    Why do we have to add [STG plugin] Open Manage groups to open it directly?
  • Use the channel updates ESR (last60.2), so the latest version can not estimate. From mistakes: under a change of groups any one tab changes its location
  • Works like a charm and is very snappy. Thanks for all the effort!
  • Thanks for giving me back my sanity.
  • Endlich kein Reload mehr der Tabs sobald man von einer Gruppe in die andere wechselt. Aus diesem Grund habe ich FF bisher noch nicht geupdated. Jetzt kann ich endlich.
  • Panorama strikes back!
  • Just what I've been waiting for, ever since tab groups were removed from firefox!
  • I have no doubt that there will be some "bumps in the road", as there always is for something on the bleeding edge, but I jumped in at version 3.1.2, with FF6.2, and I've not had any problems at all, thus far.

    I stuck with the ESR until a couple of days ago, when even its latest version (finally) became incompatible with the legacy Tab Groups addon (may it "rest in peace"). That's when I discovererd STG, and decided to "move back" to the mainstream FF release, and see whether STG would get me close to where I wanted to be, as compared to the original.

    I am EXTREMELY happy with STG. There is obviously a tremendous amount of work behind it, and it really shows. I could NOT be happier at this point, with the result. THANKS for taking on this development effort, and "saving" all of us who felt like Tab Groups was one of "life's necessities". STG is a worthy successor.
  • With Firefox updated to v62 and addon to v3.1.1 it doesn't works. Tabs from one groups are shifted to others when change, and according to extensions like Copy All Tabs or All Tabs Helper, discarded tabs remanin loaded, showing rigth now more than 100, despite the current group has only 3.
    This add-on can conflict with other add-ons that also use tabs to work.
    Try to disconnect these add-ons and check again. For example github issue #234
  • Thanks for bringing tab grouping to the new Firefox.

    Thanks to the developer for the speedy reply to my bug. Keyboard shortcuts are working again and I have upped this to 5 stars.
    Please update addon, I fix this bug in latest version
  • Now that tab hiding has been implemented, this add-on does what I need it to do: hide tabs in other groups and let me switch between groups with keyboard shortcuts.
  • I always wonder why firefox officially delete this essential function QQ luckily you made this for us.
  • Very useful expansion. Works as announced. However, does not seem to integrate with the "Sync open tabs" feature of Firefox Sync.
  • If you're having performance problems or high memory consumption, disable tab thumbnails generation.
    Please update FF to v62 and then STG to v3.1.1 and this bug should be gone
  • Wow, this is brilliant and why have I not found this before. It's so simple to use and does exactly what it says.
  • Compared to the old Tab Groups, I really love the concise group selection pulldown UI. I can use Simple Tab Groups' visual mode to manage tabs as needed, but don't need that elaborate UI when I'm just navigating between groups.