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54 reviews for this add-on
  • Great reader... but it doesn't run with 3.5. Installed the Nightly tester... now what? I need my RSS'! How else am I going to make it through the work day :)

    Developer response

    New version (1.3) in

  • You can make it compatible with the Nightly tester tools add on.

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    New version (1.3) in

  • Hello,

    "Simple RSS Reader" Excellent
    "Simple RSS Reader" must be updated to work FF.35 is compatible with.

    Good Work

    Developer response

    New version (1.3) in

  • Will you make a new version for firefox 3.5?

    I really like how this work but it's incompatible with 3.5

  • Simple, works well. Very happy with it.

    Is the source available?
    I'd like to be able to reorder the list of RSS Feeds after they're entered.
    Preferences -> Limit has a typo. Should read Items not Itens

    Developer response

    New version (1.3) in

  • SIMPLE Is right! Thank you Alvaro! I'm a bit of a novice with this computer and I've spent a couple of days trying to set up an RSS reader in my browser. I've tried 3 and could never get it to run correctly or get RSS feeds added to the reader. The directions were very confusing for me. It's probably mostly my inexperience with computers, but this one was a breeze. It's up and running beautifully and doing exactly what I wanted it to do. Thanks again Alvaro - for keeping it SIMPLE!

  • Не очень понравилось дополнение, почему то вообще показывает все рсс новости а не только непрочитанные =(

  • It's not quite what I expected; for one thing, it's not a reader, but a scrolling display instead.

    Second, there's no way to import feeds. You have to do it manually. For someone with a lot of RSS feeds, that's a hassle I don't want to go through.

    Looks nice, tho'. Just not what I need.

  • ¿Alguien podría explicar con más detalle como ampliar el número de caracteres de los titulares? Gracias.

    Developer response

    New version (1.3) in

  • do not scroll at all

  • Espero que en la próxima versión tenga esta opción, pero si queréis que salga la noticia completa y no solo los 52 primeros carácteres, seguidos de "..."
    Tenéis que editar el archivo (core2.js) que se encuentra dentro del (srr.jar) buscáis la cadena de texto "52" y la sustituis por "100" por ejemplo...
    Todo esto con el respeto al trabajo de Alvaro, claro.
    I expect that in the next version have this option, but if you want that the not alone and complete news leave the 52 first characters, followed by “.." You have to publish the file (core2.js) that is found inside the (srr.jar) seek the chain of text "52" and the sustituis by" 100" for example... All this with the respect at work of Alvaro, clear.

  • I really like this an alternative to displaying your rss feeds in the bookmarks toolbar, mostly because I think this extension updates better. However, it would be really nice if you could set it to display more than one feed at once.

  • - one golden star for the cool website
    - one golden star for the cool name
    - three grey stars: for the not simple and not sleek extension

  • I think this is potentially the best RSS extension. It's nicely designed, and pleasingly unobtrusive. However, I think I may have picked up a bug, and am unable to find anywhere to report it. Developer's home page does not provide any support that I can see, and clicking on 'support section' in the review tips merely returns me to the review page.

  • excelent because its really really simple reader but i could be a little more "complex" by adding a little of the 'description' or the 'comments' of the feed in the idea was to see if someone new commented in a blog (like this one) but the title of the feed that shows is "comment by 'someone'" and by his name i cant tell if is new...and by the way there is a way to remove the feeds that ive already read?

  • Needs to be able to read your feed folder that's already in bookmarks instead of adding feeds one by one.

  • Por favor, hagan compatible la extensión. Soy feliz usando SRR y desde que actualicé mi FF no la he podido seguir usando :'(

  • Excellent add-on, especially because of the comparitavely low memory cost.
    Still it needs some improvements: It should let you choose which RSS feed to cycle, randomize the order of the links shown, show more than one rss feed at a time, etc..

  • Definitely the best RSS extension for firefox!
    It lets you save a lot of time because you get the latest news fast without doing something for it.

    There exist two extensions with similar functionality (RSS Ticker & InfoRSS) but with the big disadvantage of causing extreme CPU load.

    I have got just an objection: In Simple RSS Reader you need to add feeds manually it is not possible to import bookmarked feeds.

  • Cool add-on. It will be nice to include a "number of news per feed" option. And also, if possible, more than one news dispalyed option.

  • I've since discovered the reason for the toolbar problem. This updated v. of Simple RSS Reader conflicts w/ the DragNDrop Toolbars extension. When I disable the latter, Simple RSS Reader works fine. Is it possible to work out that kink? Otherwise, a terrific extension!

  • For some reason, the new v. 1.2 forces my entire set of toolbars to the bottom of the screen. Nothing I do gets them back to the top, unless I disable the extension altogether and restart the browser. Any suggestions? I'm using the latest v. of Mozilla Firefox on an MS Windows (XP v., Home ed.) system. Thx!

  • Good add-on, I like it. However, adding feed isn't an easy process. Copy-paste URL, then copy-paste title, and repeat this for every feed... is really burdensome. An option of using another way to add feeds is needed. There is a lot of ways to choose from (or may be using some of them): getting feed's URL from address bar, current page, living bookmarks, etc.

    Another point is that play buttons are too small to be distinquished easily. I think making them as large as "feed" or "add feed" sign and, maybe, just square or without any frames (circles take additional space), would be preferable.

  • This add-on has a really cool display, with the titles appearing automatically in your toolbar. However, whenever I try to open the add-on's preferences, either by clicking on the icon in the toolbar or by going to the Firefix add-ons pane, it open a blank window, and then Firefox crashes. I'm on Firefox on a Mac running Leopard.

  • This add-on has a really cool display, with the titles appearing automatically in your toolbar. However, whenever I try to open the add-on's preferences, either by clicking on the icon in the toolbar or by going to the Firefix add-ons pane, it open a blank window, and then Firefox crashes.