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  • É perfeita para mim, não encontrei nada igual!
    Queria saber se vai ser atualizada para ser compatível a partir da vesão 57 do Firefox? Não quero parar de utilizar...
  • Second time it stopped working for me. Currently telling me "Unable to get data from ______" for everything I'm following. Going to have to go through the trouble of going back one by one to follow all the feeds again.
  • I love it and use it all the time.
    Have a suggestion about removing the already visited topics and the chance to clear unwanted topics with a simple X.
    Thank you for the great work
  • Great tool, very good work here. I use it every day. It would be great to have it working with firefox 57 +
  • Weird addon. Dumped another toolbar, and claimed 'no rss feed' for major sites.
  • It is not possible to download the feed. the file seems to be damaged (firefox 43.0.4)
  • Its a great little RSS feed/ticker, but the one thing it is missing is a "mark as read" function. Please add an option to not keep showing the RSS feeds that have already been read.
  • Very nice, customizable and rather clean add-on.

    Would be awesome to have an option to hide the visited items. I'd also like to be able to remove the other buttons (that are not listed in the preferences menu)

    PS: The only add-on I've installed ;-)
  • It worked again at Firefox 40 after updating. Trying many addons the last days for RSS, for me is the simplest and the best.

    Congratulations to the author!
  • Stopped working for me in version 40. The wheel is always spinning saying Loading RSS, the folder icon to select a feed does nothing, the feed list is empty in the config panel but my RSS feeds bookmarks are still there, didn't touch anything, and with the security issues I can't go back a version...

    Thank you for the contact.
    I am correcting the problem.

    Alvaro Jr.
  • Can you add option, to set colour of link by writing colour in HEX? For simple i want to set normal colour #FF00FF and on hover #00FFFF. And if you can i want to see more than 1 news. I can't find this option in options.

    Regards ;)
  • Great add-on!
  • Unable to use it becuse it starts audio feeds automatically. I press stop, but after some time have left it enables again. Removed this shit.
  • Um complemento eficiente.
    Simples e funcional.
    Muito obrigado pelo seu comentário.
    Thank you for your comment.
  • I can't believe you updated it! Did you add any of the features people requested? Such as multiple scrolling feeds, better font options, etc. Thanks!
  • I use it as a ticker for what is going on in my companies svn, who made the change and what.... great work keep up! :)
  • use brief instead of this. It is more advanced than this and is updated.
    You are free. Use what you like.
  • Super dodatek i są po polsku nawet wiadomości bez szukania ich w necie
    Thanks for your review.
  • this is a very great addon, and i hope they will update it soon :)
    Sorry for taking so long to update the extension. But now, after many requests, I will make a new release. Soon I hope to make it available there. Thanks.
  • Excellent! But please add option for multiple feeds simultaneously, one next to each other on the toolbar. Other than that, everything is great. Tnx for a great addon.
    Sorry for taking so long to update the extension. But now, after many requests, I will make a new release. Soon I hope to make it available there. Thanks.
  • Very good,but why keep on showing feeds I've already read ?
  • me too.
  • i miss this beautiful reader, i'm waiting for new version
  • Vous pouvez utiliser la version beta 1.3. Elle fonctionne très bien sur FireFox 3.5.2.

    Le lien: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addons/versions/5459