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  • This is something what should be in every email client by default! Extension is even more important, if Google is closing Inbox, which have similar functionality.
  • We've needed this for years, but Google has been tone deaf. Thanks for filling the void.
  • Just great!. Thank You!
  • Works good so far.
  • does not load in firefox
  • Совершенно не понятно, почему google сам до такого не додумался. И хорошо, что есть человек, который не только до этого додумался, но эту идею еще и реализовал. Заслуженные 5 звезд!!!
  • One of the best extensions I have for Gmail. Hope it will be updated to work with the new Gmail interface now! I won't use the new Gmail without it....
    hi, the new gmail UI is supported now
  • Super!
  • Excellent tool !!!
  • Funciona bien y no es invasiva.
  • Muito bom!
  • Absolutely useful
  • Extremely useful, easy to use, works like a charm.
    Just fantastic!
    Thank you for an innovative solution.
  • I just installed this addon on Firefox 32bit on the same computer as before.

    However I can't install this on FF 64bit.

    Turns out this is not the only addon I can't instal on Firefox 64bit. Others include pushbullet, grammarly etc.
    Now I have installed FF 32bit and installed these addons via FF 32bit and then I use them freely on FF 64bit. That is my workaround.

    Thank you so much for making such an awesome addon.
    hi, that's really unlikely, as we used 64bit FF for the testing every time. pls make sure u installed the latest version of Firefox however, since this latest version requires FF 53+. Thank you.
  • I managed to install it and make it work perfectly on FF55.0b6 (64 bit)
    I really like it and it does what i wanted and needed. It's really useful.
    The problem with the installation disappeared when i did upgrade to 55 version. The log in issue was cause the add on need to open a new window to make the process to work.. I am used to have ff blocket to single window, but that way it was opening a new tab and wasn't working
    The saving problem was cause of the cookies...needed to add an exeption to allow the add on to work cause i usually block all the cookies.
    Guess all the struggles are cause of the change to webextensions.

    I'm having same problem as i read from another user. When i try to install new version i get message that the file is corrupted..
    Tried to delete all the "extension files" in profile folder..just messed up everything but stil same.
    Tried to install it in safe mode, same.
    Tried to copy the xpi file in the extension folder of the profile and it gets deleted..
    But i'm running ff 54.0b13,,so i don't complain about..just wanted to report

    Tried to install it on same machine and same profile with FF 53 stable..and it works..so i doubt it's antivirus or it would be blocked on both cases...
    In my case it's something about FF 54..if i put the install.rdf file in the xpi before install it...it seems to install...but it stops working..

    By the way...even if i manage to install it on ff 53 stable, can't granted the app access to google drive.

    Managed to install and log in...but looks like settings don't work at all.. I wanna move it on sidebar but i can't even though on settings i chose to.

    Installed new version from website, everything seems to work, just not saving abstract note colors, like on old version

    I am really sorry about that. pls note that the new version ( was finally approved yesterday. pls just install the addon from the firefox addon market: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/simple-gmail-notes/

    (I still suspect the problem was related with anti-virus software, while I could install from FF directly, I would get warning and file intercepted by Windows Defender if I try to DOWNLOAD the extension file to my local machine)

    ** update
    It seems that I could not get the notification by the message update here.

    I have updated the support link of the extension (https://www.bart.com.hk/#ContactUs-section) so you could send out the bug report more easily.

    Btw, a new version of was just approved today, thanks.
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