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  • Loved this extension,but this stopped working - just would not log into my gmail account - using Firefox 72.0.1
    Am now forced back to using Chrome as it still provides the Gmail Notes extension which is so useful
    hi, I wonder what's the error message u saw? I use both FF and Chrome every day actually, it seems worked fine in my place.
  • This is by far the best extension I have used for this. I use it constantly and will even pay for it if I needed to. Under active development which means that any bugs get fixed quickly.
  • today its not working
  • Great app, excellent support. Keeping up with browser and gmail changes is not easy. Invaluable app for the way I use gmail.
  • This app has worked for me quite some time. Out of the blue, the add-on no longer appears on Gmail. I have refresh Firefox, uninstalled, reinstalled the add-on to no avail. I am running Firefox 65.0.1.
  • This is something what should be in every email client by default! Extension is even more important, if Google is closing Inbox, which have similar functionality.
  • We've needed this for years, but Google has been tone deaf. Thanks for filling the void.
  • Just great!. Thank You!
  • Works good so far.
  • does not load in firefox
  • Совершенно не понятно, почему google сам до такого не додумался. И хорошо, что есть человек, который не только до этого додумался, но эту идею еще и реализовал. Заслуженные 5 звезд!!!
  • Walty,

    You ARE awesome! Thanks for everything you do.

    One of the best extensions I have for Gmail. Hope it will be updated to work with the new Gmail interface now! I won't use the new Gmail without it.... and please do not allow Google to block this from Gmail that would really annoy me.
    hi, the new gmail UI is supported now
  • Super!
  • Excellent tool !!!
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