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I'm afraid I owe SimilarWeb and Fox Lingo a sincere apology.

I know what happened when I made that first post, because it JUST happened again, only this time I was here to see it. Last time, I must have been away from my computer, and missed it.

I have Update Notifier installed. Normally, I have it set up to check for updates when FF starts, and install all updates BEFORE it starts, but not to check at any other time.

Somehow, I have no clue how or when, those settings changed. It had become set to check periodically and install updates automatically, whenever they appear, restarting FF without prompting. I just came back to my desk to see Firefox restarting. When it came back up, Update Notifier had installed Fox Lingo Update, and was on the thank you page. The same page Yoto asked me if it may have been on before. Now, I told him it was not that page, but the FF update window. I was wrong. What had happened is that when FF restarted, it did not maximize, and was about the same size as the FF update window.

The first time this happened, I had been up very late several nights in a row dealing with some serious technical problems. Sleep deprived, and half out of it, obviously (now, but not so obvious to my foggy brain at the time), I saw "Fox Lingo," "Update," and "Download." and nothing else there registered.

This time, I was far more awake and saw what had happened.

Obviously, I DID click download and installed Similar Web myself, without realizing what I was doing. I thought I was installing Fox Lingo update.

Very sorry for the confusion! Glad I saw this today though. Now I know, and will correct Update Notifier settings.

You, AND Similar Web have my sincerest apologies. Readers: feel free to flag ALL THREE POSTS (this, and the other two) in case this was missed by the moderators.
Once they look at them, they'll know why.

I'd rather just have them removed now that I know what happened, as I never even used the extension.

Five stars for them if this ever gets up there. Sorry to all for the confusion.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.6).