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  • Amazing
  • we do not track you, you do not get serviced. AVOID!
  • spyware in nice cloths
  • this thing is defaulted to sharing data, after using this for a month!
  • Some sites are not listed but very useful plugin
  • on FF55 64bit it sometimes works, sometimes not. No pattern discernible.
    Of course, with FF57, anything is a gift. (Mozilla: what were you thinking?! I know you had a security problem, but you just traded it for a no- users problem!)
  • Wish this one will be updated since it makes it so easy to find same kind of sites.

    Update: December 2017. The Webextension works like a charm. Well done. Thanks
    Only suggestion is the "clickable" link to the web site is very small.
  • The gateway to hundreds of sites you may otherwise miss and a superb discovery tool, hoping this will join the upgraded add ons list soon as it's a must have
  • They recently updated this extension and the user interface is now less user friendly.

    Developer response

    Hey there,
    We released a new version yesterday, optimized for speed and simplicity.
    Please check it out again and let me know if this works better for you!
  • A very very good add on, Similar Sites is the best website on the internet to find related sites, Thanks

  • This Add-on used to be one of my favourites and also one of the most useful extension (my Top 10 must-have) but since I updated my browser to Firefox v28 it does not appear to be compatible with ,as the browser does not restart after downloading & installing the said Add-on and it's also not functioning now. Hope the bug will be fixed soon, making my internet browsing as easy as previously.

    No doubt - it's 100% useful (until I updated my FF to ver 28 I used the add-one at least 100 times per session). Please fix the bug ASAP !
  • A very very good add on
    But not yet compatible with Firefox 28
  • I didn't knew about so many similar sites until I started using this thing...
  • I initially thought this was a sleazy advertising gimmick, but subsequent use proved it's a useful and valid browsing tool.
  • The one add on I use daily. Simple and stays current.
  • What this Addon actually does, is find few related sites on a pop up window, But if you click on the "Get More Results" Button, it will take you to their website (www.similarsites.com), Which you can find there much more Many Very Good Results!!
    I have tested this with the (kickasstorrents.com) site and the Results were Excellent!
    I like this. I give this 5 stars.
    Thank you, and keep up your Good Work.
  • Great job
  • Good when you are working to a tight timescale. Got the potential to save you valuable time.
  • Time saver for me :-) Good work guys :-)
  • Luved this add-on for a long time...and version 1.0.25 works perfectly. However, the updated version 1.0.26 (dated November 15, 2012) breaks the bookmarks tooltips, whenever I mouseover any item on my Bookmarks bar. I disabled my add-ons one-by-one, and discovered this newly-updated add-on (version 1.0.26) was responsible for breaking the bookmarks tooltips. To the Developer...Please fix this in the next update. I am running Windows 7...AMD Quad-core with 6 gigs of RAM, and Firefox 16.0.2.
  • Jordaar baka ! Mast add-on che. Sarkhe sarkhi websites jova ma kaam lage evi !
  • very good add-ons, ty
  • It really a very powerful addon, as an seo I often need to find similar sites. It made my life easier...
  • It helps you to find more sites like your site , It's very good XD :D
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