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  • Указанно что работает до Firefox 56, а в итоге только до Firefox 54. Зачем так дезинформировать пользователей.
  • It is great! I think it's the nicest theme for firefox that I've ever seen. Also there is no inappropriate colors. So I'm too happy with this theme. Thanks a million man. *.*
  • If it works, GREAT but...
    ...Incompatible with Thunderbird after each net update, thus unusable.
  • the linke posted did not work for me but this one has a thread on how to fix it and albeit not easy peasy it worked for me.

  • Silvermel current version (v2.0.1) isn't compatible with Thunderbird 52.*
    You can edit the extension to use it in v52 and looks like Silvermel works fine.
    Instructions: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1520265&sid=31621ec02c683ac9d464d5b1e9f26774&start=1755
  • It gives a great look to Thunderbird. Hope you will make even better the next time.
  • Silvermel is back - thank you!!
  • Thank you to the developer for the recent update! I know FF has been outpacing most app developers. I simply LOVE Silvermel for both FF and TB. Again, thank you!!!
  • Thank You !
  • Thanks the author, vger42, anonymous for sharing info on latest version. I wouldn't use thunderbird w/o this addon.
  • Very good hint from vger42.
    One of the few good themes that are still functioning currently. Good job ShareBird!
  • Hello Guys,
    the developer is still active, just look at the forum: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1520265&start=1665

    View the post:
    New Versions:

    http://www.silvermel.net/dev/xpi/charam ... _r6860.xpi

    http://www.silvermel.net/dev/xpi/silver ... _r6860.xpi

  • A brilliant theme which for years was hugely popular and completely outclassed the default theme. You only have to look at the forums to see how popular this theme was and how much people want to update it. Sadly the developer no longer has time, therefore in the interests of the open source community this should be made open source so others can work on it. I doubt many people will be buying him a beer if he's too busy. One star as it's no longer compatible with current versions
  • How can you ask for a contribution?
    You never update the program.
  • use addon Color Text Compose Buttons
  • But still works then.


    nope, it's possible to enable it now, but in the compose message window it's obvious that it's not compatible any more:

    Please update.
  • Good job looks fantastic in Mageia linux with firefox 38 esr.
  • Looks really nice !!! thanks
    can you build it some dark themes like Silvermel?
    thanks for sharing !!!!
  • Looks really nice on Windows 10.

    Try it with the following:

    Theme Font & Size Changer extension using "Adobe Gothic Std B" 14.
  • Not really working correctly on Windows 10 and Firefox 40. The title bar is not fully skinned and doesn't look all that great. Otherwise one of my all time favorite themes.
    i posted recent review saying was not running on fff 38
    wrong it is
    sorry about that
    has been a favorite theme for years
    great theme
  • Untested for now. Silvermel 1.6.1. is available if you click on Version Information and See complete version history.

    Now compatible with Firefox 36.0 - 41.0a1 and Thunderbird 31.0 - 41.0a1.
  • Thank you ShareBird! That was certainly easier than trying to follow highwaykind's instructions.
    Just realize that these versions have much more work on them than highwaykind modifications. Those modifications just allow that the theme can be installed, but don't actually make it "work" properly... ;-)
  • It's not entitlement to expect a paid product to be updated. I realize that Mozilla is awash in updates. But it isn't all that hard to update your add-ons. So please do if you expect contributions.
  • How to get it to work on TB 31:

    Download the extension silvermel-1.5.7-fx+tb.xpi

    Unzip this to into a folder silvermel-1.5.7-fx+tb with inside 3 files: install.rdf, silvermel.jar, silvermelxt.xip.
    open install.rdf and change the Thunderbird Max version. (it is set to 28.*. I've set it to 38*, current version is 31, stuff still looks good with this addon enabled)


    Unzip silvermelxt.xpi into a folder called silvermelxt. Delete silvermelxt.xpi (you will create a new one).

    open install.rdf insize the silvermelxt folder, and change the Thunderbird max version there too


    Now re-zip the CONTENTS of the silvermelxt folder, (the contents are:
    3 folders

    Call the file silvermelxt.zip. Rename it to silvermelxt.xpi.
    Move this file into the parent folder silvermel-1.5.7-fx+tb, (there already is an install.rdf there, as well as a silvermel.jar, you already deleted the original xpi file, if you didn't delete it you now have to overwrite it.).

    Now open the install.rdf that's inside the silvermel-1.5.6-fx+tb folder, and change that version to something higher as well.

    You now have 3 files inside a folder called silvermel-1.5.7-fx+tb:
    install.rdf (with changed max version).
    silvermel.jar (unchanged)
    silvermelxt.xpi (unzipped - changed install.rdf - rezipped - renamed to xpi).

    Zip these 3 files into silvermel-1.5.7-fx+tb.zip, and rename that to silvermel-1.5.7-fx+tb.xpi. This is our new XPI., your new addon install file.
    Save this new xpi file to a folder where you can find it again. (You can delete all the other files )
    Install this new xpi in Thunderbird, and you have a working Silvermel addon.