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with right click you open the silverlight settings and increase the Silverlight storage to 25MBsome say that Windows4All project was really cute and somewhat better than SiveOS ... I say that Windows4All project is closed.Having a virtual operating system project available as far as a mouse click makes this add on the next best extension after Memory Fox in my favorites.You'd think that a virtual OS is CPU consumming and GPU sharing (wasting) ... actually it shows me the bases of a world wide web platform for sharing "running" applications which do not require "download/install" making Firefox more desirable and more stable when running applications requiring "web users interaction".Some people emphasizes that FlashBlock, AdBlock, and ImageBlock, Text Block, Color and Font Accessibility are ways to improve the speed of Firefox ... If so I don't see why are they still using a browser. And if not SiveOS is showing quite the opposite of this attitude. If Firefox would be installed on this SiveOS cross web sharing platform ... would be running better than now, but ... unfortunately today the project is in the phase of having SiveOS installed as extension of Firefox.Please understand that the browsing speed is all i am interested in and make this change.