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  • I am using the version that works on FF 52.6 ESR. This would be a 5, except that it will sometimes delete most of the many entries in it. One time at least it was because I hit "edit..." and then cancelled that edit without changing anything, and then hit OK, and then the next time i invoked it to paste text then a whole lot of entries were gone.

    And when i imported a saved backup, then although it showed them all before the operation was closed after i clicked "Finish", yet after i hit OK on the next window to close it, then the next time i invoked it they were not there.

    i found that you must import, then hit "Finish" and then hit cancel on the next window. Then all the imported entries showed up.
  • I loved this extn. Please make sure it is compatible with the new version of Firefox
  • Please update with a signed version!... Thanks.
  • The predecessor of "Signature /Auto Paste /Prefill Fourms" -..-?!
  • I am unable to install signature on version 3.1.18, any suggestions on when this will be available?
  • Work under FF 8 if the plugin "Add-on Compatibility Reporter" is previous installed :
  • If you upgrade to TB 8 use


    It overtakes your configs of this plugin
  • I've previously changed the install.rdf file to allow this to be compatible with newer versions. However, when I tried to do this with Firefox 8 several times, I was told it could not be installed because it was corrupt. This is such an essential add-on for me, but the fact that it's not officially updated to allow it to work regularly is extremely frustrating.
  • I've tried other signature add-ons and I simply cannot live without this one. So far its been quite easy to update via changing the install.rdf file (google for details).
  • Is there a workaround or update for FF4?
  • Simple Is The Best!! I can not go without this app!
    Please continue supporting!!
  • Lovely add-on, please keep supporting it. I too changed the install.rdf and it worked, so you probably won't need to change a lot of code.
  • With WINZIP it was a simple fix to change up to TB4 so now works with TB3. Download here. Pick BASIC free file download


  • signature-0.4.20091210.works in TB3, all bar the ctrl-space default quick-key. Anyone else have the same problem?
  • I was really disappointed to upgrade to TB3, and find that this lovely add-on had stopped working.

    I'm therefore hugely grateful to Daniel for making a fix available!
  • Very Nice Addon.

    Please Update to TB 3.0

    Thx Tocrazy4u
  • While unfortunately unmantained since many years, it also works in Thunderbird 3.

    For how to make it work, see
    or download the compiled addon at
  • this signature extension is really old and has many bugs, so I was looking around and compared this one with the other available "Quicktext" and I suggest to all other users to leave this extension and use Quicktext that is also well supported by the author.
  • I used this extension for over a year but it has many bugs and should be really be updated. Edit field for signatures is very small, and sometimes when I make changes they aren't saved and are lost over all signatures. Think need to change to Quicktext but I would really hope Mozilla group adds a built in function for this just like Outlook.
  • Works perfectly with FireFox 3.5.2!
  • Signature has been by far one of my most favorite & essential addons. It does make me sad it was abandoned so long ago. Nightly Tester Tools still to this day makes it live on for me. But for when that day comes when that won't work there is a better current FF 3.5.x supported of what signature 2.0 or something would be...

    Clippings 3.1

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  • Love it, been using for over a year.
    Gmail added canned responses so I use that in other browsers, but when in FF it is really handy to have the RIGHT-click. Thank you Miek!
  • A newer version is on the extension's home page:

    A great extension. Thank you.
  • This is by far, the most-used and relied-upon extension I own for Firefox. I have used it several times a day for when I write e-mails. I can simply right-click or hit the window button on my keyboard to bring up 5 different signatures.

    I would really love to know if this is available for Google Chrome (Dev channel)? I am extending Google Chrome since Firefox can be a super RAM hog and slow at times.
  • http://rapidshare.com/files/215482745/signature-

    Just download the file and open it from file>open file... in firefox. It contains a patched version that should work for all firefox 3.* installations. Provided as is, with no warranties etc, etc. I figured I could make this easy for people who don't know how to / don't want to edit the xpi file.