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  • I am using the version that works on FF 52.6 ESR. This would be a 5, except that it will sometimes delete most of the many entries in it. One time at least it was because I hit "edit..." and then cancelled that edit without changing anything, and then hit OK, and then the next time i invoked it to paste text then a whole lot of entries were gone.

    And when i imported a saved backup, then although it showed them all before the operation was closed after i clicked "Finish", yet after i hit OK on the next window to close it, then the next time i invoked it they were not there.

    i found that you must import, then hit "Finish" and then hit cancel on the next window. Then all the imported entries showed up.
  • I loved this extn. Please make sure it is compatible with the new version of Firefox
  • Please update with a signed version!... Thanks.
  • The predecessor of "Signature /Auto Paste /Prefill Fourms" -..-?!
  • I am unable to install signature on version 3.1.18, any suggestions on when this will be available?
  • Work under FF 8 if the plugin "Add-on Compatibility Reporter" is previous installed :
  • If you upgrade to TB 8 use


    It overtakes your configs of this plugin
  • I've previously changed the install.rdf file to allow this to be compatible with newer versions. However, when I tried to do this with Firefox 8 several times, I was told it could not be installed because it was corrupt. This is such an essential add-on for me, but the fact that it's not officially updated to allow it to work regularly is extremely frustrating.
  • I've tried other signature add-ons and I simply cannot live without this one. So far its been quite easy to update via changing the install.rdf file (google for details).
  • Is there a workaround or update for FF4?
  • Simple Is The Best!! I can not go without this app!
    Please continue supporting!!
  • Lovely add-on, please keep supporting it. I too changed the install.rdf and it worked, so you probably won't need to change a lot of code.
  • With WINZIP it was a simple fix to change up to TB4 so now works with TB3. Download here. Pick BASIC free file download


  • signature-0.4.20091210.works in TB3, all bar the ctrl-space default quick-key. Anyone else have the same problem?
  • I was really disappointed to upgrade to TB3, and find that this lovely add-on had stopped working.

    I'm therefore hugely grateful to Daniel for making a fix available!
  • Very Nice Addon.

    Please Update to TB 3.0

    Thx Tocrazy4u
  • While unfortunately unmantained since many years, it also works in Thunderbird 3.

    For how to make it work, see
    or download the compiled addon at
  • this signature extension is really old and has many bugs, so I was looking around and compared this one with the other available "Quicktext" and I suggest to all other users to leave this extension and use Quicktext that is also well supported by the author.
  • I used this extension for over a year but it has many bugs and should be really be updated. Edit field for signatures is very small, and sometimes when I make changes they aren't saved and are lost over all signatures. Think need to change to Quicktext but I would really hope Mozilla group adds a built in function for this just like Outlook.
  • Works perfectly with FireFox 3.5.2!
  • Love it, been using for over a year.
    Gmail added canned responses so I use that in other browsers, but when in FF it is really handy to have the RIGHT-click. Thank you Miek!
  • A newer version is on the extension's home page:

    A great extension. Thank you.
  • This is by far, the most-used and relied-upon extension I own for Firefox. I have used it several times a day for when I write e-mails. I can simply right-click or hit the window button on my keyboard to bring up 5 different signatures.

    I would really love to know if this is available for Google Chrome (Dev channel)? I am extending Google Chrome since Firefox can be a super RAM hog and slow at times.
  • http://rapidshare.com/files/215482745/signature-

    Just download the file and open it from file>open file... in firefox. It contains a patched version that should work for all firefox 3.* installations. Provided as is, with no warranties etc, etc. I figured I could make this easy for people who don't know how to / don't want to edit the xpi file.