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  • the writing is to small
  • Hi,
    options "delete bookmark" and "edit bookmark" are not working anymore ...is it only me ?
  • Чего-то я не понял ничего... Установил три(!) раза, браузер перезагружал... Нигде в лисице ни следа этого дополнения! Я один такой тупой? Как его включить?

    P.S. Я реально тупой! Оно у меня давно установлено, просто отключено было... Слов нет, шикарный аддон, но я на Tree Tabs остановился... Я вообще думал, что речь идёт о маленькой узкой панельке с иконками, как на картинке! А его где взять?
    Маленькая панелька с иконками не встравается на некоторые страницы (в частности на эту). Должна быть включена по умолчанию, а если нет то надо нажать на иконку дополнения и там выбрать "Фрейм".
  • Is it possible to replace the built in pop-up? It was done by All in one sidebar. When pressing Ctrl-J, downloads sidebar opens instead of a half sized window. That's the only reason I was looking for a sidebar extension in the first place.
  • I give it 3 stars primarily because I like the idea behind the Tabs and it has potential of this add-on.

    I am puzzled by the bookmarks. Is the premise to always have to search? This would have to imply I know what I am looking for or possibly even use tagging system. I see no folder structure in my current listing it looks like only recent sites I have bookmarked. If there are folders shown I cannot make out heads or tails which ones they are. It is also slow to load the bookmarks when swapping between views. I don't see how one can manage the bookmarks from the sidebar other than delete or move them up/down. How do I move one to a different folder or even drag-drop between folders this seems crucial part of managing. How do I get other bookmarks to show than the ones listed?

    I see no add-ons section. The pocket button does add some bonus especially the idea of deleting
  • Since Firefox Quantum rolled out, & All In One Sidebar was rendered useless, I have been longing to have Bookmarks AND vertical "Tree Style" tabs open simultaneously. This add-on lets me do this, so thank you.

    I use the Firefox sidebar to show bookmarks, & this add-on to show open Tabs.
    However, the text is too big & bold, & not in keeping with the Firefox text, which is distracting & mildly annoying, & it would be great if you could include an option to make ithe text smaller, or even change the font size & style
    Also, the sidebar flickers briefly whenever you switch tabs, which again is distracting & rather irritating.

    I appreciate your efforts in creating this tab, and If you could address / include these issues then I would happily rate this 5 stars.

    Note: Review updated to 4 stars, because of option to to change text Syle font/ size. Thanks Dev
    The option you want already exist.
    Try options > theme > font size.
  • I tried to use this with (and without TreeStyleTabs) so I can get the bookmarks alongside with my left sidebar where my tabs are located and could somehow manage to make it work for a few hours before it glitched out and disappeared completely as an IFRAME. (only the window option worked but since it's ugly and impractical, I didn't use it)
    When it "worked" it would usually be very glitchy on youtube and cover the left part of the video (unless in fullscreen. )
    Some sites wouldn't show the IFRAME at all for some reason.
    It would also hog resources and eventually freeze FF to a point I had to restart it.
    Also, the support of drag and drop tabs to the bookmark IFRAME would be great.

    EDIT 1 : Found out what it was : The "hide left bar" option is glitchy and doesn't show a way to restore it. you have to click on an extremely small and invisible part of the left of the native sidebar for it to show (I had to minimize it so youtube showed properly)
    EDIT 2 : I also found out that many other websites are getting messed up by this add-on, wether or not you use an I-frame it seems those sites (battle.net, for instance) shrinks the page so it can put an I-frame even if it's set to disabled, wasting a lot of useful screen space in the process.

    Overall, it's a step in the right direction, but the many bugs make it hardly usable for me.
    I just wish FF had a way to display 2 sidebars at the same time natively.
  • I used All-In-One Sidebar before migrate to Firefox 59+.

    Sidebar+ as replacement is very good.

    Only One Wish: can I have left sidebar open by click on left border (as it is in All-In-One Sidebar)?
    Just not click on icon.
    > can I have left sidebar open by click on left border

    It is only possible for iframe sidebar if you check "Open and close sidebar manually" option in "Misc" and toggle width button inside sidebar to "thin".

    For a native sidebar this technically impossible so use hotkey "F8" instead.
  • Great idea - needs a little UI improvement (font, styling etc) but great
  • restores a lot of what I loved about AIOS. five stars if I can add toolbar buttons
  • Great Add-In with flexible settings. Zluca, you're the best!
  • I noticed that you've implemented my idea. Thanks for that.
    Have you noticed that the line on the side starts off as per usual and only after clicking it once it disappears?
  • Nice addon but I'd like to see favicons when viewing bookmarks and the iframes feature is great but it only shows in the tab you opened it in!!! It should stay visible in ALL tabs.

    EDIT: reply to Dev. I got your message and reinstalled and it works now :) thanks
    > iframes feature is great but it only shows in the tab you opened it in!!! It should stay visible in ALL tabs.

    It should be visible in all tabs, except system ones, they are protected from extensions. You are second one who report this, but i still have no idea how to reproduce this.

    > but I'd like to see favicons when viewing bookmarks

    Favicons appears once you visit page in this domain. So it takes time before Sidebar+ collecting all of them.
  • So far, I've been quite impressed. It's a nice integration of several one-off sidebar utilities.

    Before the big design change, I was a big fan of the All-In-One Sidebar, which is no longer maintained. But Sidebar+, while different, is a very nice replacement for a lot of that.

    I'd love it if Google Bookmarks were integrated, but that's just being greedy :-).

    The only bug that I've found, or maybe it's some configuration issue on my side, is the Archives in the Pocket tab. Despite deleting articles from the Archives section in Pocket, they remain cached in the Sidebar+ archive. Is there any way to clear them out?

    Update: I'm an idiot. It's the rightmost "X" icon deletes it. I'm just surprised that deleting the archives in Pocket and resyncing doesn't delete them (the way it does with Articles). Is that something to do the Pocket API, perhaps?

    Anyway, nice plugin. Keep up the good work.
    Thx for such a detailed report. I can confirm that syncing with Pocket only add new items, but never delete. And it's my fault not API. =) Fix will be later.
  • Great to have replacement for allinone sidebar BUT why does it disappear when a new tab is opened? You have to keep going back to the original tab to activate, sort of makes the whole thing pointless.
    This should not be. Give me more info. What sidebar type you use (native, iframe or window) ?
  • Это не боковая панель, а тупо породия.
  • It works fine. This is the best option for me since all-in-one side bar no longer works.

    Please put an option to hide and show the sidebar with an click on the edge .
    Oh I found it, works fine. Thanks.
    > Please put an option to hide and show the sidebar with an click on the edge or on the icon.

    This option already exist, but only for iframe generated sidebars and only for opening. Look into "options>misc".
    For a native sidebar there should be a shortcut in the next version of extension.
  • duh
  • Nice addon BUT ...

    Please, add a shortcut like F4 to open/close sidebar+

    For your info, many addons already use a shortcut this way : either a combination such as CTRL + ... OR "F1" (see TreeStyleTab) or "F2" (see TreeTabs) and so on. So your comment of 2 months ago ...

    As such, without an easy shortcut, it is cosmetically nice, but there is not a real value added to the native tools !!!

    Oh, and the "window mode" does not remember its placement + size ... (Firefox 58.0.2)
    Shortcut already works in developer version. I plan to release it in two weeks or so.

    > the "window mode" does not remember its placement + size

    I will have to look what can be done with this.
  • sidebar auto hide please
    Auto hide only works for Iframe sidebars. Blame Mozilla for this.
  • 终于找到类似 All-In-One Sidebar 的扩展了!
  • Excelente, una funcion que nunca debio quitarse retornando a firefox
  • It seems good, but I do not see any keyboard shortcut for opening/closing it like with regular side bars. It would be nice if that was added to either the add-on or the add-on's description.
    > but I do not see any keyboard shortcut

    According to this:
    Shortcuts not supported yet. This is nothing i can do until guys from Mozilla finish SidebarAction API.
  • Amazing, just need an address for the start page. Any tweaks and improvements im sure will look beautiful once this developer is done! Start page size options for background images is what I need. Beautiful add on, works almost like the previous biggest sidebar add on's for Firefox. Omnisidebar and All in one sidebar.
    > size options for background images is what I need

    Ok. Watch for a new releases. =)
  • Good! But need auto hide option.
    Auto hide only works for Iframe sidebars. Blame Mozilla for this.
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