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  • could be better if this could be like what tile tabs used to be before quantum also if i could put it at the bottom
  • Love the concept, but really needs to expand up to 50% in order to be useful. Also, clinking links in the sidebar bar page will actually change the main page, which took some time to wrap my head around. Hope it goes native!
  • Handy but limited. Allowing wider view (50% instead of 25% of window) would help a lot. Too many web pages are not optimized for mobile view and are not readable when limited to 25% side bar (PDFs opened in browsers, for example). That's available with Tile Tabs WE, but it would be nice to have in Side View to not have to guess how a particular page is going to behave, choose which extension to use, test it, find it's not the right choice, close, choose the other one, etc.
  • If you can make this as user friendly and functional as Vivaldi Browser's Side Panel feature, Firefox would be my daily driver. Vivaldi's Side Panel feature is something that I expect and use all the time. And is what keeps me coming back to Vivaldi from all other browsers.
  • 今の所快適です。





  • I use it to keep my task lists open alongside my email+calendar+etc, so it's really a huge help with my daily office work!
  • Great addon. Some missing option to perfection : some buttons (back, reload) and capability to display more than 25 % width.
  • nice idea and for a developer it's really helpful. it would be nice if i can open whatsapp messenger on side bar. right now it only show the whats app web page.
  • Please add more features soon... Like

    - multiple side tabs, or,
    - different side tabs on different windows, etc

    Great extension. Love it.
  • Okay But when wanting to have Youtube it misses a portion of the video it will not fit, please do something about this for max stars.
  • One of the best feature. It should have made to the final release of firefox. It would be great if it had dark mode to be consistent with whole browser.