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  • I use it to keep my task lists open alongside my email+calendar+etc, so it's really a huge help with my daily office work!
  • Great addon. Some missing option to perfection : some buttons (back, reload) and capability to display more than 25 % width.
  • nice idea and for a developer it's really helpful. it would be nice if i can open whatsapp messenger on side bar. right now it only show the whats app web page.
  • Please add more features soon... Like

    - multiple side tabs, or,
    - different side tabs on different windows, etc

    Great extension. Love it.
  • Okay But when wanting to have Youtube it misses a portion of the video it will not fit, please do something about this for max stars.
  • One of the best feature. It should have made to the final release of firefox.
  • Fantástica extensión realmente práctica. Yo añadiría la opción de mostrar la versión de escritorio de las webs en el Sidebar y no solo la versión móvil.
  • Need to keep improving and having updates. Messenger Facebook is inaccessible!!!!
  • Great idea for web-mail checking!
  • No doubt that this is a great addon, and very useful.
    There should be some option to go back on the page as main back button doesn't work with sidebars, that's why I removed one star. I understand this still is a pre -release version so may be they resolve such issues before final release. Thank you Firefox.
  • Unfortunately firefox doesn't allow multiple side bars, so you can't use this alongside TreeStyleTabs to have two browser panes with one tab sidebar :(
  • great productivity booster!
  • 打开的网页都是pc端的