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  • Please add more features soon... Like

    - multiple side tabs, or,
    - different side tabs on different windows, etc

    Great extension. Love it.
  • Okay But when wanting to have Youtube it misses a portion of the video it will not fit, please do something about this for max stars.
  • One of the best feature. It should have made to the final release of firefox.
  • Fantástica extensión realmente práctica. Yo añadiría la opción de mostrar la versión de escritorio de las webs en el Sidebar y no solo la versión móvil.
  • Need to keep improving and having updates. Messenger Facebook is inaccessible!!!!
  • Great idea for web-mail checking!
  • No doubt that this is a great addon, and very useful.
    There should be some option to go back on the page as main back button doesn't work with sidebars, that's why I removed one star. I understand this still is a pre -release version so may be they resolve such issues before final release. Thank you Firefox.
  • Unfortunately firefox doesn't allow multiple side bars, so you can't use this alongside TreeStyleTabs to have two browser panes with one tab sidebar :(
  • great productivity booster!
  • 打开的网页都是pc端的
  • Side View is a pre-release (major release 0.4. ...) and is presented as part of the pre-release Test Pilot project. This misrepresents Side View as a completed product when it is not.
  • have not got started yet
  • This is a great Addon. So far so good.
    In any YouTube video, I can't find horizontal scroll bar. Also there are two huge horizontal black bar. (What I'm trying to say is that the Addon is unable to adjust according to the video's aspect ratio.
    Again, great Addon.
  • very useful extension :)