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  • Maleware!!!
    Noted that google suddenly said my desktop did something bad and I had to do a captcha to be able to search. Also google search history suddently included a pile of "site:www...." searches. After spending some time on tracing what was going on I found that it happened whenever firefox was open.
    I have only 12 plugins so I disabled all of them, the odd searches stopped coming. I enabled _only_ ShowIP and odd searches started directly!
    Looking back in my search history it's mostly site: searches but also some other searches that I don't remember doing plus "visited site ..." that I _know_ I didn't do since it was click on ad links that was done a few minutes ago.
  • Was having issues with Thunderbird, keep lagging and everytime I type, it just hang for a short period.

    The developer should be condemn to hell
  • Muy buena
  • Please delete this crap. I checked the XPI and it's too obvious...
  • Malware.
  • Avoid this add-on, as it installs malicious AdBeaver spyware without any notification whatsoever.
  • They are disgusting people. You never know when they will come up with another dirty tactic like the one below.

    "The full URL of every webpage visited is sent to the Germany-based ip2info.org website, using unencrypted connections."

  • I have used this for ages.This is the best tool I have used for ages.I run websites and also check on and code other websites.This is the best tool for keeping track of my servers and websites with the many ips I use.Most tools or addons are always pointing to my ip .This tool can let you get the actual websites ips and check on them.Thank you for a great tool which I feel naked without on the web
  • Ich finde es ungehörig, wenn ein Addon mich dazu bringen will, ein anderes zu installieren. Dass es auch noch meine Daten mitzutracken scheint, habe ich es gleich wieder runtergeschmissen.
  • This addon sends every site you visit to a german tracking company. All this information is insecure and identifies you.

    This is a dangerous addon and should be pulled from Mozilla because it is a known security risk, and breaker.

  • Semble fonctionner sur Firefox 38.
    Mais, n'aime pas que cela rajoute en douce des programmes non demandés...
  • Использовал этот плагин многие годы еще с первых версий FireFox. Но к сожалению он перестал нормально работать на таскбаре. Спасибо за все, но до свидания.
  • In firefox 36 I put addition to the taskbar. After restarting the browser, addition disappears from the taskbar. Just do not open the menu by pressing the addition.
  • Finger weg von diesem einst so simplen und doch so gutem Addon, ab jetzt wird ungefragt Adware mitinstalliert unglaublich das sowas hier gelistet wird.

    Nie wieder!
    Das ist ein ganz grober Vertrauensbruch!
  • ShowIP seems to work as well as ever.

    After install and Firefox' restart, ShowIP politely asked to install the AdBeaver adware. I declined, I see no sign of adware, and ShowIP works fine.

    I have no objection to the developers seeking payment for their hard work, as long as they do it openly and honestly. If you don't want to use the adware, consider donating.

    To the devs: If you could monetize it without impacting my privacy, I'd do it. Perhaps at least include a link to donations in the window asking about AdBeaver.
  • Installs unwanted adware (adbeaver).
  • Avoid, installs extra addons(adbeaver???), and will annoy you until you agree to do so, uninstalled the whole mess of addons.
  • 便利に使っていたのですが、AdBeaverが勝手にインストールされるようになってから、Amazonでえっちな広告が出るようになり、とても使いづらくなってしまいました。説明によれば、AdBeaverのインストールは断ることもできるようですが、私にとってはAdBeaverはマルウェアといっていいようなものなので、ShowIPの使用もあきらめることにしました。
  • This extension installs malware (adware?) called Adbeaver which if isn't theft, isn't far north of theft. Also five star reviews seem fishy in their wording.
  • It installs additional addon which I dislike
  • I like the way it shows the information.
  • It works and show some data but also installs some adware
  • It's easy to use and helpful. It also wants to install some other things but you can approve or deny. I think everyone can remove any additional software installed without permission after all.
  • Getting the ip of a domain is easy with cmd prompt but here with this extension you have it written in the toolbar - it's more conveninet.
  • Spyware, Malware, Adware , what everyone keeps saying.. don't click ok in the update and you can still use ShowIP as you did before. I am still recommending this add-on without reservation. The main value of ShowIP is in the tools associated with a single click. Imho everyone working on the Internet should have it in his toolbox.