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Reported for breaking add-on policies:

"What the add-on's description doesn't say is that since version 1.3 (released on April 19th 2012) it has also sent - unencrypted - the full URL of sites visited using HTTPS, and sites viewed in Private Browsing mode, to a site called ip2info.org.

The user never realises that the data has been shared with a third-party, unless they use special tools to monitor what data is being sent from their computer.

SophosLabs researcher Xiaochuan Zhang examined the add-on, and observed the potential privacy breach in action. In the following example, he used Wireshark to view the network packets being sent and observed his request to visit a non-existent website "www.thisisapparentlyafakeservice.me" being shared with ip2info.org.

The full URL of every webpage visited is sent to the Germany-based ip2info.org website, using unencrypted connections.

In addition, the add-on has no warning that sites you visit might be disclosed, no privacy policy small print explaining its behaviour, and no apparent way to opt-out of the data-sharing."


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.4). 


hi pingpong, we will add https the next days, thanks for your info. the data is requested to get the provider and country data. no personal data is stored. you can deactivate the requests in the plugin settings...