9 reviews for this add-on
  • Works on most websites.

  • J'ai conservé FF 49, car depuis la version 50, il y a beaucoup d'applis qui ne fonctionnent plus.
    Cet add on fonctionne parfaitement pour moi, merci

  • No Work in Google, Yahoo...

  • I like this. Although for me it does not work on accounts.google.com login page. There's also a couple of personal sites I go on where it doesn't show the password but displays asterisks instead.

  • This is the 3d add-on I tried to check my problem - it does not work in Yahoo email (all others used to work - this was tried just now). Could you please fix it. (FF v46 XP-sp3 SPf v041-s )

  • Works sometimes; on and off works. NOT consistent at all. I am using FF 38.0.5; suppose to be latest FF. I like this add on and I hope they improve it soon...

    Developer response

    Can you give me more information about where it doesn't work?
    If you can, it will be great if you could describe your issue here: https://github.com/Urban82/ShowPasswordField/issues
    Otherwise, fill free to post here your informations.

    I received from Mozilla a new review with a list of page where the add-on doesn't work but I cannot see it here. I suppose that it was from you.
    I have also on my Firefox the add-on Saved Password Editor, but in my PC the add-on work perfectly for each of the URLs provided. Maybe it could be a conflict with some other extensions that you have installed on your PC.
    If I cannot reproduce the problem, I cannot solve it, I'm sorry!

  • This little add-on would be the most used add-on I have.
    I love it. Make sure you do not move your mouse too quick and you will be very happy with this little beauty.
    Out of 5 It can ONLY be a 6

  • why hasn't someone made this before, and if they did, why didn't i know about it? this extension does one thing, but it's an extremely useful thing. can't give it anything but 5/5.

  • Show Password 0.1 release on Aug. 20, 2014: Works with Firefox 21.0 and later

    Show Password 0.3 release on Aug. 22, 2014: Works with Firefox 26.0 and later

    I don't understand, I use FF 24.7.0 ESR.


    Thanks for your reply and thanks for this extension.

    Developer response

    From version 0.1 to version 0.3 there was an update on the Mozilla SDK and it now set the minimum version of 26.0 instead of 21.0.
    I had no opportunity to test it with previous versions, so I don't know if it work with. If you have the opportunity to try the 0.3 with your version of Firefox, I will update the compatibility. Thank you!

    EDIT: I had the opportunity to test it with Firefox 24.0 and it work correctly. I also tested with the version 21.0 and it doesn't work: I suppose that the update of the SDK advanced the minimum version. The release 0.4 is also on revision, and it will support from Firefox 24.0 also...