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  • Doesn't work on 32-bit Firefox(es) (now 69.03).
    The first option works once, then stops and its checkbox remains greyed. All other options simply do not work.
  • Works as advertised on Firefox Developer Edition 70.0b12 (64-bit)
  • Neat [nice] bit of software, it works well for me, well done Alejandro. Keep the midnight oil burning on your new projects.........one day you'll be a well known programmer and you'll be rich!! Good luck, May the Force be with you !
    Wiggy Dave 270919
    PS could you write some software to appoint different colours to FireFox tabs, like we used to have, or some other way of marking tabs? That really was SO useful!
  • This little extension does what it promises! I was looking for something like this for a while now, I'm happy I've found it! Great work dev.
  • I've tried others, this works better than all.
  • Muy útil y necesario, tenía otra versión que por algún casual desapareció por cambio de nombre creo y aquí estoy nuevamente con este fabuloso plugin instalado.
    Muchas gracias por tu gran trabajo.
  • One star deducted because when I set "Choose how to show the password" as "Always," it still shows the bulleted text until I click the icon or within in the password field. It acts like I would expect "When the password gets focus." I want "Always" to ALWAYS show passwords, right off the bat, all the time, without having to do anything.
    Hi and thanks for using my addon!
    I tested in a couple of sites adn works fine.
    Please, contact me via email (alejandrosbrizuela[at]gmail.com) with more information abotu what site dou you have problems.
    Keep in mind that if you change the settings, you must refresh the page where is the password field.
  • Conflicts with LastPass, which puts another button in the same place. The "When the password gets focus" option only seems to work on sites which have the username and password field on the same page (i.e.: Not Google, Not Yahoo, Not Microsoft).
  • Says what it does and does what it says! It's discreet, with several options for how passwords are shown or not shown. Thank you!
  • El mejor addon de éste tipo que he usado, y vengo usando desde hace años.

    Y muchas gracias por la actualización de compatibilidad con FF Quantum.

  • Karena banyak manpaatnya
  • This is the 5th add-on I tried to show the password in Yahoo mail. It does not work either! [ FF v46; XP-SP3; this add-on v1111 ]
    Do I have any chance to see it in the future?
  • When I meet that function on windows 8, I was in the mood to find a function which work on a browser as the same as with windows, Many thanks :_D
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