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  • are we ever getting quantum version of this addon? it's one of my favorite addon.

    i had to downgrade mozilla just to use this addon again.
    please update
  • Fun, useful extension. Works well to easily "thumb through" a series of sequential pictures.
    Now I'm eager to see a version compatible with the latest iteration of Firefox ("Quantum")!
  • A great add-on, but the keyboard shortcuts conflict with others. Please make them configurable.
  • This is one of the BEST and most USEFUL Add-ons. I used it almost daily on Firefox until Quantum arrived.
    Show me More is the pathway to discovery of pictures on the Internet. I used it extensively with StumbleUpon.
    I had passed 500 discoveries because of Show Me More. Thanks Suskind for having such a great, and thoughtful, add on. Perhaps, one day, it will be compatible with Firefox gain.
  • I like this add on but I wish it didn't take up a whole tool bar. I think it could be an icon that loads in the address bar just as easily. (Response to Developer below) While it is true that you can customize the address bar and add the elements. There are five of them and my browser space is too valuable to add 5 new icons.

    Developer response

    You can do that. Just configure it. Right click on default toolbar - customize - drag Show Me More icons to default toolbar - save
  • I downloaded the updated version from the authors website, and after creating a link to share a page of images, those images randomly display themselves on whatever website I happen to be viewing at the time! This used to be a great addon :(

    *EDIT* Suskind please contact me via email on my profile

    Developer response

    If you want you can contact me using the contact form here

  • Wish this worked on Firefox 8. Show All feature just opens a ShowMeMore window with the URL and nothing. This used to be great but is now broken..
  • works ok on most simple pages.
    could be better, but what i really don't understand is *WHY* are the links send to the developers site pdvel.com? for what reason? it should be mentioned somewhere, what there is no privacy with this addon.
  • This would be great if it worked with paged webs and not only images, so if you are in a forum thead like:
    and you click the next button, you'll get to page 559
    Or if you're in a Wordpress blog like http://www.mywordpressblog.com/page/104/ you could go to page 105.

    It would be as simple as analysing the URL and altering the rightmost number in the URL.

    Unfortunately it would not work for Google search results since the page number is not the last number in the URL, but it could even be customized for certain popular cases like Google Search by identifying the URL, recognizing it is a Google search and altering the correct number, not the rightmost one.
    Then this would be a great and very useful add-on.

    Another improvement would be using arrows instead of eyeballs and relocatable buttons instead of a new toolbar.
  • please please PLEASE update this add-on for Firefox 6! It is my #1 most used add-on!!
  • Excuse me, but what's wrong with this add-on? First it worked not very good with pages pics are on, then my whole system crashes cos Show me more wants to show exactly one picture a trillion times, or so.
    At least, it's a good idea to click through the pictures of a single page.
  • Desperately hoping for an update for Firefox 5.0. This add-on is the exclusive reason why I use Firefox over Chrome for certain browsing.
  • Please, update this very great addon for Firefox 5. I need it. Thanks.
  • Great add-on but is there any chance it'll be updated for FF5?
  • Perfect add-on!
  • On review:
    "Hi Toshkan
    by suskind (Developer) on September 26, 2009 #
    You can do that :)
    Just select the number and click on next/previous button and see what happen :) "

    Select the number...? What it means?
    Because I do have the same problem.
    I want to jump from ".../20100511_3/18.jpg" to ".../20100511_3/19.jpg".
    The thing happens is:
    from ".../20100511_3/18.jpg" to ".../20100512_3/18.jpg".

    Any better add-on suggestion for similar function?
  • any chance of updating for ff4 beta?
  • Awesome plug-in, but I dislike the fact there are no options to manipulate or customize how it works or behaves. When you use the "show all" button, it pops in a new window instead of a new tab, current tab, etc. In that new window that pops, there's no way to right click that window. Instead, the "get images link" button reverts back to the main window where then the user can finally get the right-click options.

    Keep up the good work with the plug-in. I'm merely assuming at this point that options like these suggested are on the way and I'll be eager to see what the new release will include!
  • Excellent add-on. Works great!

    There needs to be a way to stop it when it hits a site with 5000+ images.
    Is there any way to save the images?
  • This is an excellent plugin. Of all the plugins I have and have tried, this is one of my def favs! Thanks to the Dev!
  • Is it possible to add a quick key option for the 'Previous / Next' buttons?

    Good Job on this, works like a charm!
  • Can't you just do this using bookmarklets?
    I've seen some that do the same thing on sites like http://stinebaugh.info/bookmarklets-rock/
  • Very useful addon, really great. Just needs firefox 3.6 compatibility now.
  • The program is excelent. I would just like the developer to resume work on it, there are bugs and some new feature we would like.

    Thanks suskind.
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