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  • I have taken over the Add-on and maintain a version that is compatible with the most recent version of Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/show-anchors-2/

    The code is based on Show Anchors, many thanks to its original author, and on changes made by Peter.

  • You can download the new version from http://www.sendspace.com/file/ycxhtt

    I know it would be better to place it directly on this addons site. But it's impossible to take over an existing extension without permission of the original author. The recommended procedure is to create a new extension but I don't have time for this.

  • Could we get http://www.sendspace.com/file/aajh1l officially sanctioned on the firefox add-ons site? No offense intented, but I'm not sure how I can trust that third party site.

  • Peter's 2.5 version works well for me in FF 7.0.1.

    Note for Linux users: the Copy option on the Show Anchors menu writes the URL to CLIPBOARD instead of to PRIMARY, so you need to figure out how to paste from CLIPBOARD in your terminals. I'm using rxvt-unicode, where middle-button pastes PRIMARY and Meta-middle-button pastes CLIPBOARD. If your terminal doesn't support pasting from CLIPBOARD, you may need to install xsel or xclip, use one of those to dump CLIPBOARD onto a terminal, then re-copy it into PRIMARY.

  • I've followed Rootman's instructions and made an updated edition which you can just install: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/show-anchors-4/

  • It's working after editing max version in .rdf file, on FF 6.0a1 x64, but anchor context menus get transparent background, it needs an update.

    alanstancliff, PCDingo is missing long ago the great earthquake.

  • I tried to go to the author's site, and he seems to have disappeared. The domain he had is now for sale. I believe he was or is a Japanese resident, and I greatly fear for his wellbeing, given the recent earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident.

    I hope all is well with him. His Show Anchors add-on worked well in older versions of FireFox, and I hope I can implement Rootman's work-around with FF 4.


    Alan S

  • This WILL work on FF 4.0 with some help. The easy way is to install 7-ZIP (Google it), then download add-on with IE or an older version of FF. Associate the .XPI extension with 7-ZIP by double clicking it, when Windows complains about no association tell it 7-ZIP. With the XPI open RIGHT click on the install.rdf and choose EDIT. Find the line "3.6.*" and change the 3.6 to 4.0, close notepad, save the file, 7-ZIP then prompts to save the edited file in the archive. Say YES. Open FF, go to Add-Ons and just drag and drop the XPI file on the add-ons dialog or choose install from file from the menu. Restart FF, add the anchor button to whatever toolbar you want and enjoy.

  • Very helpful with big Web-pages

  • Thanks for making it work again.
    I like this little add-on very much.

  • For those who are looking for a FFx 3.6 upgrade, and are okay modifying the install.rdf, the best thing to do is uninstall, change both the FFx version, as well as the addon version, and re-install.

    Or, you could get my copy "Show Anchors v2.3" at:

    I love this extension. It's not pretty, it does stuff I'll never need, but it does what I need it to do perfectly. I just need to send someone a link that points to the named anchor, so they don't have to find what part of the page I'm referencing.

  • I've only realized how much I depend on this add-on once it stopped working after my upgrade to FF 3.6. I'd really love to see you update it. Thanks a lot in advance!!!

  • I like this add-on very much.
    Could you please updated it so that it would work with Firefox 3.6 as well? I didn't try to force it yet (disable add-on compatibility check), but I will need to do that.

  • This saved me hours of time on a project. I love the quick copying! It would be nice if adding the anchors didn't change the place you're at on the page.

  • Just right click on a page, select "Show Anchors" and when you hover over an anchor you get a pop up menu where you click to copy to buffer.


  • Perfect.

    Just right click on a page, select "Show Anchors" and right click to copy to buffer.


  • I think it should have an option "highlight this anchor". So when I get back on the forum thread, I can see at which post I have stop reading.

  • This is great for Web Research as you can very quickly have a URL ready for self or for emailing to others that jumps to a particular part of the web page. This is especially good for very long web pages where you don't want to waste your time later or the time of someone else, as the reader is taken taken to that part of the web page.

    Developer response

    Thank you for this comment.
    As i said in my mail, it can't be done with url if you doesnt use a script server for this.

  • Thank you for the Show Anchors Firefox extension. It has been very useful for the past week or so that I have been using it. Is there any way to add anchors to some web page so that I wil have the same functions with those as with the normal anchors? Maybe you know of some other free software or extension.

  • I find this quite useful for when I want to send someone a link to a particular part of a web page.