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  • This is better than the bookmarklet I was using. This handles both named anchors and ids. With the bookmarklet I had to reload the page to get rid of the anchors; but with this addon I can simply toggle it off.

  • works good also in multiprocess FF50 - when using RMB Menü to activate showing of anchors.

    Would be perfect 5stars
    if also activation with button would work in latest multiprocess FF
    (with this it's correctly marked as not compatible to multiprocess on add on management page)

  • Tremendously helpful!

  • Show Anchors currently works without any problems using the "Show anchors" context menu option, but this is not very convenient.

    Earlier versions of Show Anchors provided a toolbar button that could be clicked to turn the display of anchors on and off. It appears that this fuctionality can be restored by means of simple edit to one of the add-on's java script files:

    Steps to fix:

    Download the addon (filename: show_anchors_2-1.12-fx.xpi)

    Unpack show_anchors_2-1.12-fx.xpi (which is in zip format - if using WinZip first change the extension name from .xpi to .zip)

    After unpacking, goto the folder named: "showanchors2" (which is a subfolder of "content" which in turn is a subfolder of "chrome")

    Using an editor of your choice, edit the file named: showanchors2.js and change the line:

    //document.getElementById('statusbar-display').setAttribute('label', nodeurl);


    document.getElementById('statusbar-display').setAttribute('label', nodeurl);

    Repack the file (must be in zip format) and make sure the extension of the packed file is named .xpi

    Manually install the repacked file via the Firefox Add-on Manager

    I've only tested this fix on Firefox 43.0.4, but I would expect the fix to work on other versions of Firefox.

  • Note: the addon may still be used by rightclicking and selecting 'show anchors'

  • Since Firefox 35 or 36 this plugin ceased to work for me (simply no reaction when I click on the anchor button).
    I checked this on several web sites with anchors.

    Before these upgrades it worked as expected.

  • 10+

  • Works well.


    1) I think the UI is confusing. Left-Clicking the anchor to get a menu is straight-forward, but i do not find it to be intuitive. I expected something like a right-click to work. The autocopy option mentioned by spirit is interesting.

    2) The blue around the anchor is distracting.

    3) Enabling/Disabling Show anchors changes location of page scroll.


    - Page with two frames
    - Show Anchors
    - Reload page
    - Only one of the frames retains the anchors.
    - Example page, http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e22490/ldr_control_file.htm

  • Thanks for you to continue to support my extension. I like new icon.

  • Its me again, can you add small improvement: add option to autocopy to clipboard, when anchor get focus then adress will be copy to clipboard automatically. To signal this (copy done) the anchor could change the color (to green), and when anchor lost focus then color will be default. This behaviour can be set in add-on option.

  • This addon stopped working on FF25, (with error on line 360 of showanchors2.js: document.getElementById(...) is null)

    I uploaded a fixed version of this addon in:

    Developer response

    Thank you for investigating this problem, but I have already uploaded a fixed version. It is currently in the review process of addons.mozilla.org, but should be available in a day or so. You can already manually install it from here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/show-anchors-2/versions/Version 1.10 fixes the bug. It would be great if you could update the review if you found the problem to be resolved.

    Update: The version is now available directly.

  • But I found other bug.
    Option window is not displayed from add-ons manager tab.

    Developer response

    Thank you for the report, this problem has been resolved. It would be great if you can update your review :)

  • This add-on shows anchors all right, but it doesn't seem to make it any easier to copy URLs with anchors to the clipboard... or maybe it's just bad UI.

    I was hoping this add-on would avoid me needing to install the Web Developer extension, but Tools→Web Developer Extension→Information→Display Anchors offers more functionality.

    Developer response

    Hi Michael, thank you for your review. Can you be more specific what you would like from the Addon? It should be very easy to copy the URL with the anchor: If you enable show anchor, then you will get a small icon (blue anchor) for every anchor. When you click this icon, then you get a menu with an entry to copy the URL (also see the first screenshot).

    Is this not what you are looking for?

  • Добавьте, пожалуйста, кнопку для панели инструментов.

  • Thanks to Stefan for the updated version — the toolbar button missing from earlier versions of Show Anchors 2 is now available. One can once again click the toolbar button to immediately see all the anchors on a given page.

    Insofar as the earlier instance of Show Anchors meant for older versions of Firefox was one of my all-time favorite add-ons, and insofar as Show Anchors 2 now delivers that functionality for version 10 of Firefox (and presumably beyond), I've rewritten my initial review and added some stars…

    Developer response

    Thanks for you comment. There was a problem with the toolbar button in version 1.2 (and possibly earlier versions), but the recently uploaded version 1.3 should fix this issue. Let me know if it still does not work for you.

  • It works as expected. Thank you for reviving this add-on officially.