ShortShip Pro - smart eBay buying tools 3.0

Privacy Policy

ShortShip operates on an Opt-Out mechanism for ebay's affiliate network. This is a system designed by eBay, and run by eBay to reward developers for enhancing the ebay experience.

Much work has gone into development of shortship over the years, and i hope you will support shortship by leaving this feature on. Some argue about personal information, but it's run by ebay, and ebay already has your viewing history for as well as all your personal information, so they cannot gain any more information by using their affiliate program. They already have it all.

this plugin does not: send any usage statistics to any site other than ebay
store *any* information about you on ShortShip servers
will never spam you (it doesnt have the ability)

You can read more about the ebay partner network below

we want you to use shortship whether you agree with affiliate based revenue or not, so if you wish to opt out, just go to
Tools | Add-Ons | Shortship | Preferences
and check the 'do not support shortship' checkbox, and press OK

That's it!! No more issues!

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