what a shame. Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Thanks for making this, but why is it so complicated? i'm surfing the internet. I land on a page that i want to convert to a bitly url. I just want to right click on the address bar and convert/shorten the url to a bitly url, and have it be auto copied to my clipboard. Done. Now i can paste it as i wish. I hardly ever bitly an in-page link. I reviewed your help, your site etc. and i still don't get it. I will change my review if you can simplify this thing. 2 stars for effort.

Right click on the page

Users have requested ability to click and shorten links hence this feature exists.

Right clicking on the page background will shorten the page URL and copy it to clipboard. You can also add the toolbar icons and use them to shorten and share/ copy URL.

Hope this clarifies why my addon works the way it does.