Issue with latest version Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Was a five star add-on as was invaluable for sending links. Unfortunately version 0.94 appears to have issues as after authenticating there are no icons to select when customizing the add-on bar so no way to choose twitter, facebook etc to send a link from the bar. I have gone back to 0.92 and hopefully these glitches will be resolved in a future release.

Need more details for te issue

Please can you describe the issue you are having with v0.94 of this addon?
1. Which version of FF are you using and which operating system?
2. Do you see any error in the browser console (CTRL+SHIFT+J). If yes, can you provide a screenshot of the same
3. Step #2 should tell you if there is a conflict with another addon, if yes, please let me know which addon is conflicting with this one.

The information you provide will help me resolve issues in this addon. If I have a fix, I will be happy to share it in advance with you and get the same uploaded on the addons site.