Well, not nice Rated 1 out of 5 stars

maybe it's doing what it's suppose to, but it's doing much more: it adds this "&tag=deff-21&tag=deff-21&tag=deff-21" to any amazon url, so the author gets a commission by the amazon affiliates program. Other plugins are doing similar things BUT they declare it rightfront. This is a no-go!

Auf Deutsch:Das Plugin fügt auch jedem Amazon-Url die Zeichenfolge: "&tag=deff-21&tag=deff-21&tag=deff-21" hinzu, wodurch der Autor bei allen Einkäufen Provision mitschneidet. Das machen andere Plugins auch, aber die geben dies auch gleich öffentlich zu, nicht jedoch hier, daher: Nein danke!!!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.7). 

Not nice either

Hi, thank you very much for your review.
You are absolutely right, that I added my amazon affiliate tag.
But as it should be I declared it under the link privacy (="Datenschutzerklärung"): https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/shipped-and-sold-by-amazon/privacy/)

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Very cool Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I would feel better if it was explained technically how this works but, hey, it works!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.7). 

Shipped and sold by Amazon Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Great idea poor implemintation. Nothing shows you how to use this plug in.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.7). 

Hi darthgarlic

You just just need to add the toolbar button to your toolbar and click the button when you are at an amazon website.

Here is a nice instruction how to do that:

I hope I could help. Best regards.