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  • This is absolutely the best program for adding a video to your blog. (Actually, this is the only program that I found that loads it directly to your blog!)
    It's so simple to use.

    I love the 'Save to draft' feature. It's a tremendous help.
    Unfortunately this feature is only usable on Firefox 3.6 NOT on Firefox 7.0 to 10.0 versions!

    Also this button will not install on Firefox 7.0 to 10.0 versions. You need to go to Vodpod's site to add a Share-Video button to your bookmark toolbar. But the 'Save to draft' feature won't work. The video will be posted right to your blog.
    This isn't a problem unless you want to delay posting the video.
    All in all it's a fantastic program!
  • Great tool. Today, during iPad announcement in San Francisco I had no idea ho to embed video live from UStream to my wordpress.com blog. With google search, I found that tool and in a few steps I could embed streaming live.
    By the way, my blog is http://nomadismocelular.wordpress.com.

    Best regards,

    Mary Jo Zilveti
  • Very Useful. Thanks!
  • Very Useful. Thanks!
  • Love it!!
  • Love it!!
  • Love it!!
  • Super Tool.
  • I wrote impulsively before about Vodpod. I have been informed by the developers that:

    1. There was not a massive advertising deployment on the widgets. The advertisiing test was inserted only over the past four weeks on new widgets deployed on certain blog platforms since mid-October. It only affected 100 or so widgets out of tens of thousands, Vodpod says that they did not retroactively turn this on people's widgets.

    (My misfortune was that I had embedded two widgets that threw up advertising and my collaborators were protesting.)

    2. The "Share Videos" button is used widely by people to post videos directly to their blogs. No advertising ever appeared there, this is simply a free utility they provide.

    I was being unfair perhaps and I apologise to the Vodpod developers.

    That overcome...I think Vodpod is one of the best addons available in the Firefox stable. and a brilliant contribution to the Social Web.

    It in effect enables you to generate your own video channel. The addon will capture and the widget will also display Slideshare digital presentations and Picasa and Flickr slideshows.

  • This is a great application and has worked so wonderfully for me BUT Vodpod has just destroyed its utility by its massive advertising deployment in the widgets.Don't believe the images -- they are all out of date. On Vodpod you now get very big adverts that ruin the whole utility and have images taht have not one iota of relevance to your sharing intention.

    Vodpsot is still OK but pages like that are a dime a dozen on the web.
  • With this tool, along with the WordPress plug-in, bloggers can collect videos, annotate them and post a gallery of recently collected videos onto their blogs. I've set up a "pod" VIDEOS FOR WRITERS, and my blog readers can view my recent finds. This allows bloggers to add very useful content to their blogs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • Thanks for that helpful tool!
  • Good, but when I tried to install it on FF3, it came up incompatible. Wazzup?
  • The Vodpod Button is a must have tool if you want to post video to a blog hosted by Wordpress.com It makes it easy to post a flash video hosted practically anywhere. It also makes it so much easier to collect clips to Vodpod.
  • This is a great tool. It really connects the dots between the VodPod website and their widgets nicely. The whole process is so seamless! Keep up the good work.
  • This is a great tool. It really connects the dots between the VodPod website and their widgets. Keep up the good work.
  • Unable to download the videos. You can build a collection, tag it, but can't save them on your hard drive.
  • This Share Video Button is awesome. Also if you go to www.vodpod.com you can watch videos and when you are done, do not stay with the memory!, in vodpod you can collect them too! its easy! just go to www.vodpod.com and make an account.... the best part is... you dont have to pay!
  • The best video aggregation site and an incredibly simple, effective, and easy to use add on that allows you to submit videos to your Pod.

    I hope they add the ability to notify twitter of newly added videos via this add on like the had in the past.
  • Vodpod is totally great!!!I find all videos I need!!Everyone should join!
  • Hi, this is an add on that's worthwile. I like the vodpod site, it's a nice way to collect any video you come across on the net. I save those i like to watch again or to send to a friend if it's related to something we were talking about.

    The add on makes it ever so easy, because it works for any site, so it's not only youtube. All you do is click the button and save the video, you can add/remove comments and tags as you wish. No other crap around it, spam free, just basic click and save.

    Thumbs up for this one,i have never had any problem whatsoever with it. The vodpod site even shows when one of the vids has been taken offline.
  • Vodpod is fantastic. It's easy to collect videos and the widget for my blog is great. What Vodpod does differently than most video remixing sites is that you don't have to upload a video, instead the original (anything online with an embed code, like YouTube videos) is streamed through Vodpod. I've built up a collection of nearly 200, organized with ranks and tags. Recommended add-on.
  • The Save to Vodpod button is a real asset for any blogger. I use the add-on to post videos to blogs hosted on Wordpress.com. This button makes the process intuitive and seamless. The videos are added to your vodpod and posted automatically to the site of your choice. It has become an essential tool and I highly recommend it.
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