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  • just love it!
  • Create an account? No way!!!
  • very nice
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  • Хорошее VPN-дополнение, есть платный и бесплатный списки прокси. Главное, что они работают, надо свои добавь. Спасибо
  • It's a nice VPN software. It provides free VPN as well as premium and public VPN. It's good to use VPNs almost all the time.
  • I have older systems running, their first version perfect, Now say upgrade, I tried. Now I'm here, now they say new one requires 123etc. version browser newest firefox and they lie they are telling fibs, very dishonest. No access to old version of their ware which naturally worked great.

    ============================================================================================ THEY BLOCKED prev version before 3.0 ================================ naturally, that was the good one, no I can't go into detail why, it was 32 bit and these systems are ghosted so now what a pain my arse thanks for nothing kiddo.

    Too bad there are not oh well, I'm done typing now LATERZZZZZZZZ YOU KIDS HAVE FUN !