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  • This addon is useful... but only if you successfully close FF. Here are a few things it doesn't do:
    1. Allow you to save your sessions manually.
    2. Allow you to save your sessions on a schedule or at regular intervals.
    3. Restore your last session after a crash.

    And the one thing discerning is that it saves only when it wants to. After looking at the dates and times of the sessions, the saves are clustered within a few seconds or minutes of each other and the clusters are at random times for each day. And to emphasize this randomness, when a crash occurs, the last save occurred a few days ago! FF couldn't restore the last session and this addon failed to even have yesterday's session stored. I usually have my computer running for a couple weeks and don't close my browser until I shut my machine down. And I checked the history of my visits and FF has accurately kept track of them.

    Bottom line: Use this addon if you regularly close your browser if you want to save your sessions, but don't rely on it to restore your session from a crash... if FF fails, this is not a reliable backup.

  • One of the few useful plugin available, pls update it

  • you can see here the version for firefox 3.5: https://addons.mozilla.org/pt-BR/firefox/addon/14308

  • you can see here the version for firefox 3.5: https://addons.mozilla.org/pt-BR/firefox/addon/14308

  • How to update to firefox 3.5:

    First download Extension Manager Extended add-on and restart the firefox.

    After open add-on manager and find sessionpage click at open folder.

    Now click at instal.rdf and open with notepad.

    Find and change to 3.5.* and save

    After it go to \chrome\content\ and find SessionManage.js archive. Open it with notepad and find:

    var tab = aWindow.getBrowser().addTab();

    and change for it:

    var tab = aWindow.getBrowser().addTab(aTabData.entries[aTabData.index-1].url);

    PS: This addon is prefect xD If i have time i can post my version compatible with firefox 3.5

    Now save it and restart the firefox. :}

  • Ditto!!! I registered on here just to ask the maker of this add-on to PLEASE PLEASE update it for the latest Firefox (now 3.5.3). I used it all the time, and was so bummed when I upgraded and it became incompatible. I miss it and I want it back! I hate the other session add-ons. Yours was so simple and so perfect! I don't see any other add-on that will list my last sessions & let me choose which pages I want to re-open, rather than having to open all or none. :(

  • Please make Session Page compatible with FF3.5. Thanks!

  • Please please update this gr8 useful addon for firefox v3.5. I tried in 3.5 ...when i click on closed tabs it shows all the links but when i click on them instead of loading the page it opens a blank tab. Thanx for this addon.

  • Please update it for Firefox 3.5, It´s so useful.

  • Please update it for Firefox 3.5, It´s so useful.

  • It don't show the Current Session under FireFox 3.0.10.
    This is very good extension for peoples with many tabs. But I need to see the current session's tabs.

  • I think it's feature is not beatiful as other browser,need improvement.

  • It´s very useful, but it will best with options for import and export or some option for delete sessions and tabs. Great job!

  • Tools-options-main-when FF starts drop down menu!

  • i think it should have another feather, it' more useful if the session stored by sessionpage can be locked so it won't lost when the session not in last 20(the session amount sessionpage keeps) sessions

  • It's great idea. but not excuted very well. Tabs keep opening after restarting like there is no addon called sessionpage in my extsns list. + last session/current session dropdown menu is not working. duh! + it opened pages offline only once.

  • This is a good idea that should be as default behavior of Firefox and remain stable across updates. Sadly this is not the case -- Sessionpage stops working after every major update of Firefox like it does now in 3.2a1pre.

  • Good, useful addon. But I have an error in Linux - see bugreport on sf.net

  • I cant manage to open *only* the SessionPage at start of FF - is this possible?
    Another wish would be to select/deselect more than one page at a time on the SessionPage and open them together...

  • This was the one plug-in that I had been waiting for someone to make since I stopped using Maxthon.

  • Thas an interessant add on i wish i had found sooner :)

    The only thing that's missing for being perfect is the ability to save specific session and the ability to export/import them

  • Great idea and job. Very useful for me. I use session Manager, but each time I open FF, I need to wait that my 20 tabs loaded before I can began to work. Now, I just open the tab I want for reading and in background open the 19 others. So I keep session Manager+SessionPage.

    Please update it for Firefox 3.5, It´s so useful.

  • Really great tool, good job!! ;)

  • Thanks so much~

  • State the maximum entries in the box where you type in the number of sessions to save.

    Also it seems that it is a bit of a memory hog.

    Sometimes I get something like NS_Error in the error console which points to the session page script.

    Also the earth icon in sessionpage top fieldset is not properly sized.

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