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  • Loved it but... I have many sessions named and saved to continue working/learning on those topics. Yet once one of the sessions is modified (like closing some tabs or adding others) it is not updated where you saved (as it fluidly works in similar extensions), it is only stored under "active session". Even if you manually save it, it will do it as another new session, not with the name you initially saved it, which totally ruins the purpose of it (at least for me)... Any chance you fix this soon?

    EDIT (response to response 1): Yes I can overwrite the session. Problem is that the original session is not selected/highlighted by default, so I have to find out which one could it be. In many occasions this is too cumbersome even though I name almost all of them, and if I have changed all or many of the tabs, it could even be impossible.
    Also, when I close a tab is because I don't want it in the session, same as if I keep a tab open is because I want it in the session. That's what sessions are. If didn't want to be adapted to my session (if wanted them permanently stored) I would save them as a bookmark. You can open all bookmarks in a folder at the same time, so why would anyone need a session that is just a bookmark folder?
    Anyway, having it as an option, even if not default, would be good enough. And in case it helps doing it by little by little, before implementing the automatic saving, it'd be great that the add-on highlighted the current window-session under "sessions". This is more important than the automatic saving, although for the experience to be complete as in others (at least in other browsers -let me know if you want me to give you some examples), automatization would clearly easy things more. Saving it just when closing the window would be enough. But again, being able to overwrite the session when I want with a keyboard shortcut that saves it with the name it was already created would be a very useful first step... Thanks for listening!
    Thanks for feedback. Regarding to your question. Can't you actually use the overwrite session feature ? There are a number of reasons why I didn't implement automatic tracking for sessions, because of performance when using the bookmarks as storage as well as because you are free to open as many sessions as possible and not decide for yourself what you want to save or not. I understand that this is a limitation compared to other sessions but this addon is mostly intended for on-demand saving and not really tracking every step. Implementing this feature is not really easy but if I find the time I might try to implement a special option to do so. But just so you know... if you close open tabs, for sure you can loose data from the old session because everything will be constantly replaced. I know for sure that for some users that would not be a good idea, so the only way I can possible implement this is through a special option, and not as default behaviour.
    In the meantime... In your case though, if you select the old session and press the Overwrite session button it should behave just as you want? Or is it not ?
  • It's only downside is that you cannot automatically restore all the tabs from the previous session, so I have to click manually every time I open the browser. Otherwise it seems to work pretty well and does its job fine.
    Thanks for review and for using the addon. Yes, sadly there are a quite few missing features but in time I hope to close the gap and be able to provide as many options as possible to meet everyone's expectation.
  • Best Session Manager I have used. The ability to easily save and restore windows is great. It would be amazing to finally get support for Tree Style Tab, that would definitively take this addon to the next level! I am patiently waiting for: https://github.com/ReDEnergy/SessionSync/issues/43
    Thank you for using the addon. I know that's a long time requested feature, once I find a good solution to provide all the required features I will definitely add support for Tree Style Tab.
  • Every time I saves the session, the order of the tabs changes (several random tabs are moved to the beginning), which makes this Addon useless.

    EDIT: "MySessions" by CromS seems to work fine in this matter, maybe ask him for advice ;>

    EDIT2: "The way I save bookmarks is like this... If you have 100 tabs.. then I take each one and tell Firefox
    - save the first one at the end, when done... I select the next one and save it ... and so on"

    Maybe make a delay between saving tabs, about 0.2 sec or something like that (maybe as a optional option). It is not surprising that when you run many commands at once, something may go wrong in the order in which they were executed.
    Update 2:
    I'll definitely look more into it. And try to fix it. But trust me, unless I can reproduce this myself, it's impossible to know if what change I do are good or not. So I have somehow to find the cause why it is happening first. I'll try maybe to use a really old PC to see if speed can affect it.

    Well... maybe but again. If one of them works for you doesn't really mean one is flawless and the other one has issues. Also like I pointed you, the fact that things are not saved as they should is not something common or directly a bug from this addon. There can be lots of reasons for it (even other extensions at fault that mess with settings or who knows). If there was a chance for me to understand the bug and create the same issue trust me I would have fixed it long ago. I tried on multiple sistems, different configuration, etc, etc... but I had no chance of repeating the bug. If I can't find the issues it's extremely hard to point to an issue in the code. Also, as much as I look over the code there's not something I find wrong with it. It's really strange. So the fact that MySession works in your case doesn't really tell me anything just as with the fact that this extension doesn't somehow works as it was suppose to. There's something else at fault, most probably. I mean...

    The way I save bookmarks is like this... If you have 100 tabs.. then I take each one and tell Firefox
    - save the first one at the end, when done... I select the next one and save it ... and so on
    How this can fail and turn everything into a mess in the bookmarks... god knows... because that's clearly not what I do. So I bet it's something internal to Firefox, just as what Firefox does on the Firefox Mobile side where it randomizes everything in bookmarks like hell. The order I have on Desktop has nothing to do with now it sees that information in the mobile version. From what I notice, it might order them by access time and not by position or whatever it does.

    I'm really sorry that you have this bug, but trust me that's not something common. As much as I wish to fix it there simply nothing I can find wrong with the code. Also the bug seems to happen only for some users so I don't know if it can be related to the speed of the computer or who knows. The only thing I can think of is if somehow Firefox saves randomly some bookmarks although I specifically send the order and save them one after one on purpose. I really have no clue, but probably I will try to create a second check to make sure that everything was saved as it was suppose to and if there was any problem regarding the order to just order them as they should.
    I tried with over 100 tabs multiple times, every single time I try to replicate the issue myself I can't simply find it and it's really hard to fix something that only happens in some specific conditions. Not saying that this is not an issue, just point out that it's really hard to find out why it's happening for some users and for others never.
  • Pls make it so that it can also work when using firefox mobile
    I will try to give another chance to the API. It was suppose to work "out of the box" or that's just what Mozilla says but when I put it on mobile everything was blank. No errors, no issue no nothing, just a blank screen, and I had to cancel mobile support because simply I had no idea what the issue was and/or what to do. But I will try to check again if things work better. Sadly if there is any need to redo the UI for mobile things might not be that straight-forward so I can't really promise anything.

    P.S Just in case you were not aware: All your saved sessions (in bookmarks) are still accesiable on Firefox mobile if you look for them in Bookmarks->Menu->SessionSync. I know it's not ideal but at least there something and you can still look up for things if you really need to.
  • Great extension! Open source and no lock in! Just excellent!
  • It's still saving tabs as it should, but the restore function seems a bit broken.
    The restore doesn't restore them in the right order, and also might not restore all tabs when I try to have it restore in a new window. I have a lot, more than a hundred and that seems like too much for the extension to handle.

    ALso it would be a good idea to indicate next to each snapshot exactly how many tabs are saved.
    It's something Session buddy does and it help keep track as to whether tabs get lost or not.

    EDIT: I appreciate you being so quick to respond, and how obviously dedicated you are to keeping this extension running.

    It seems like it's only the History that's bugged, once it gets saved permanently and restored from that one instead, it pops up in the right order it seems. I also disabled all other add-ons and it made no difference.
    Shame I didn't notice that until I had spent 10 minutes restoring every tab by hand :-( but them's the breaks.

    Yes I'm sure it's not just in reverse order when restoring from History, since that's easy enough to see, by checking first and last, and those around them. I also searched several other tabs and their placement were very different from both what I remember, and what's seen in the stored session.

    The very first one always seems to be the same, and some of the early ones are also fairly early, though not in the same place exactly, some are shifted ahead, the final one isn't the right one, more like 4/5 towards the end, where the final tabs are shifted to somewhere in the middle.
    If I restore the same session again from History, they show up in the same misplaced order, so at least the system/bug is consistent.

    I think all gets restored, but have so many tabs that's not easy to know if all of them are there though.

    Two other small things:
    1. The popup prompt "Drop Item to delete" seems to interfere with the scrollbar, so I have to mouse scroll near the bottom, the scrollbar also seems a bit glitchy sometimes locking to the mouse cursor, and it also seems awfully small, I think it could stand being a bit bigger, especially in width for ease-of-use.

    2. I saved multiple sessions from the history just to be safe, and noticed that another saved tab pushed what is the first tab in both the browser and history into second place.
    What's even weirder is that it's a different tab in each of the three saved sessions that's taking the first place. And none of them were pinned or anything, at least two of them should actually be near the end.

    My only guess is that it's the tab I had open in the exact moment that the session was saved in history or something.
    Updated after user answer:

    Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation of the issue. I promise that I will go through each one and investigate it thoroughly to find the bug.

    Regarding the other 2 issues:
    1. The scrollbar is awfully small on purpose, let's just say by design (I thought that a non intrusive scroll bar is better because I expected most people to just use the mouse scroll )... of course, it doesn't have to be like that, it can be stupid small and I totally understand that. I will make sure to add an option to configure it to be just normal. Regarding the interference from the popup with the scrollbar... this one also on purpose because it looked a little out of place to move it near the scrollbar. Not really sure who to approach some things having in mind that there's no real solution to place everything on screen and not affect something else. I will think about it. The fact that the mouse can be glitchy sometimes... I'm afraid that can't be something from be but most probably from the addon popup window (if in the Tab View it doesn't happen then that's for sure)

    2. Need to investigate that further, because it seems really weird

    Are you sure they are not just in reverse order ? Depending on certain Firefox setting each user has, tabs can be restored in reverse order or in the normal order (If for example you activated new tabs to be opened next to the current one or similar settings). This is not something I can control myself since each user can affect the order of the tabs. I just simply tell firefox to open all the links no matter how many they are. If there are 1000 tabs I tell Firefox to open all of them in the right order they were saved. I wish there was something wrong with the way the Addon was built but trust me there's really no issue. There can be multiple settings (from other addons or just Firefox settings) that can mess up what I tell the browser to do.
    That's why I added the "Reverse restore order" feature in the Options. Please check that one to see if order will be preserved.
    The addon knows to open even more than 10000 tabs, but depending on the number you want to open I'm not really sure if Firefox can really handle it (more exactly if the PC hardware can handle it the correct way). The thing is, if there's really a bug in the way Firefox opens 100 tabs when I tell him to do that I can't really do anything about that.

    Anyway, I will investigate this again, but there's simply nothing wrong with the addon, I do what I must (I mean.. really... I go through every single tab and request Firefox to open it... it's not like I can't really do it properly), but if tabs are not opened then I probably have to check if there's any limitation regarding what the addon API can do, or if Firefox might miss some messages from the addon and I will try to find some workarounds.

    Regarding your request to show the number of tabs next to each session. Yes, sorry about that, I will try to land it in the next update (the feature is planned but I kind forgot about it).

    Regarding the rating, please have in consideration that there are extremely few people that really have hundred of tabs opened and restored so even you if are totally right the review might not be in line with most of the users. I really try to improve it constantly and even if I do something wrong I try to fix it right away. Having support from the community it's what drives me to continue to improve it :). Issues are fixable, but sadly bad ratings remain no matter what I do :(. No, I'm not asking to change your review, I just wanted to point out that it may not be a very accurate review for whoever intends to use the addon in the future.
  • Not being mean with the stars, but COULD.... the autosave stopped working at some point and when I need it, I was screwed. Lost my session after a crash and had none in my history. Still none will show up in my history. Have turned autosave function on/off, played with other settings... nothing. Makes it less than useless, a liability instead. Hoping you have a fix.
    I updated the addon. The new version should not have the same problem. I'll try to add more advanced feature in next releases to make sure that storage can't be deleted by such an error.
    I'm really really sorry about the issue. I think I found a problem related to why history session might disappear suddenly and I will try to have a fix today, or later tomorrow. I really appreciate that you didn't go straight to 1 star and I promise that I will do my best to fix it as soon as possible. Will update this comment once the fix is ready.
    Sadly I discovered after I launched the addon that addon storage seems not to be that reliable, having in mind that even by reinstalling the addon you can lose everything. I think I will add a form of secondary backup (or even some form of manual backup) to make sure things are more reliable.
    I know many people rely on the auto-save function but the addon is mainly developed for manual saving of sessions as bookmark. I kinda made the wrong decision to provide an auto-saving feature at some point and sadly that created a lot more problem than I expected.
    Again, really sorry, I will do my best to make sure things like this can't happen again.
  • Failed when I needed it. Does nothing... my session history, which is supposed to get saved every 180 seconds, was empty when I needed to restore it.
    I'm really sorry for the issue :( If you can please provide some information regarding this issue that would be really helpful. Was there no session saved or was one but empty. And by empty you mean completely empty or that there was less information than what you expected ? Do you have still have other session saved or all of them are missing? Is this the first time you use the addon or it worked previously fine? This can help me find out a possible bug.
  • Mostly works well, and i like the design, but i noticed 2 problems. When you manually save session - pinned tabs are not saved as pinned, they just open in the beginning (it doesn't happen with autosave). I guess it happens because manually saved session tabs a saved as bookmarks. And also when you click save session and then click cancel - it saves anyway, just without name - only timestamp. And it would be great if there was an option to manually save session in bookmarks or, like autosave session, in sqlite database in addon data storage folder.
    I've got your point. Regarding saving in sqlite database in addon data storage folder (which i agree doesn't look reliable) it can be optional, or saving in bookmarks can be optional as a backup. For example another popular addon Tab Session Manager has an option to backup sessions in .json file in a downloads folder when browser starts. Old Michael Kraft's Session Manager XUL addon just saved .session files in profile folder. Anyway you've made a really good addon. Thank you.
    Yeah, sadly once the addon API changed Mozilla removed the possibility to store additional data alongside a bookmark and all the functionality that was based on that (pinned information, and other tab session information) was no longer going to work. I do have a solution in mind to provide this back, but sadly it's not something that can be as reliable as bookmarks and I'm not really sure if on the long run is not worse to implement something that may work only until you delete the addon and then just lose that data suddenly because it was saved in addon storage.

    Regarding the "click cancel". Well that's not really what it happens there but I get why you thought that. That dialogue it's actually meant for you to edit the name of the session (which is already saved) so basically clicking cancel will just leave the session with the default name. The same edit box will show if you just go over any other session and edit it's name. I totally missed that it an create confusion if I show the edit box right after saving a session, that's a great observation and I'll think about it if there's anything that ca be done to improve the experience so that saving steps may be more clear. So this is not really a issue... everything works as it should... but I will think about the whole saving process to see if there's anything I can improve to be sure things can get confusing.

    I'm not really sure I do understand the 3'rd statement :
    "And it would be great if there was an option to manually save session in bookmarks or, like autosave session, in sqlite database in addon data storage folder."
    So, saving in bookmarks is manually... or you wanted to say automatically save ?
    Regarding addon storage... well that's seems to be problematic since it's not really reliable. Addon storage is there only if you have the addon installed. If by mistake (your or because of Firefox) the addon is removed, add the data associated with that specific addon is deleted right away. For example this is what happenes with the auto-saved sessions, they are simply deleted by Firefox when the addon is removed. So storing anything valuable in addon storage it's not something I can do right now , probably after I add some form of full backup, but even then it seems to me that the addon storage is really good for nothing because it give users the apparent idea that data is save but it's just isn't.

    If you have any other feedback you can contact me directly over email (use the Feedback button from the addon menu) or if you have any feature request (or issue) you can also send it to https://github.com/ReDEnergy/SessionSync.

    Thanks for detailed feedback (and for using the addon)
  • Devs made real all my suggestions! This extension is almost ideal now, thank you!! ☺
    Thank you as well for using the addon, and for the great rating :)
  • Wow! Such a high quality addon. It helps me a lot.
    Thanks for using the addon. I'm really glad that you find it useful.
  • The error I was getting is now somehow disappeared. So I changed my rating from 2 stars to 5 stars.
    Thanks for the update...
    Now, there's no perfect software out there and I'm pretty sure there can be a few bugs into my addon as well but I try to fix them as soon as possible if they really brake the functionality. If you ever have problems again please don't have any reservation in using the feedback option from the addon to contact me because It's way faster to discuss about certain issues and understand better how to deal with that and I can assure you that I do everything possible to fix problems very fast.

    Hi. Any chance You can contact me directly over email to solve this issue. It may happen that some bookmarks were saved wrong somehow (it's fixable). If the page is really one of those links then that's not an issue, but If the page is suppose to be a web page then maybe it was saved wrong. Anyway I need to know what URL did the page had, if it's not a restricted URL then probably like I said maybe after a Firefox update or add-on update something was saved wrong. There was another user that had a similar problem and we fixed it.