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  • This is a GREAT extension. Just what I was looking for. It is not over complicated and yet not too simplistic. Has all the right features making it a productive tool. You definitely wonder how you managed to live without it. Although I have not used the feature I really like that you can restore to other devices which will come in handy. Very intuitive, straight forward and easy to use. Keep up the great work guys and thank you for such a great tool in itself.
    ***On a Side Note; Reviewers: PLEASE STOP using reviews to report problems, bugs, and feature requests. Not just for this product but for EVERYTHING. As I was looking through reviews to try and find the best choice in my first choice it was something I noticed on EVERY product I came across. Not only is it extremely annoying, but it is counter productive and often times they do not even see it (although these guys seem to be very proactive, most are not). This product actually has a GREAT option in the Menu that is labeled "Feedback" in which when I clicked, it opened a prefilled email to them. That is what you should be using, for all of our sake and for the utmost productivity please stop using reviews like this. **Rant Over**
    wow. Thanks a lot for the support. It's always nice to see such feedback. For something that I put a lot of effort into, supportive feedback it's the best motivation I can get to continue to improve it. The addon clearly is not perfect as there many missing options and great features to be added, as well as some minor bugs (working on them), but knowing that others might consider it useful it's the best incentive to keep improving it.

    As regarding the side note. You are totally right, and I wish it was like that, but of course, everyone is different and has it's own reason for using the review section. Usually It's hard to get very positive feedback... because if everything works as it should, then there's little reason to write a review, whether if something is broken or a bug caused someone to lose something (data, time, etc) then things may change. Anyway, I'm grateful that in my case thinks look quite good, far fewer bad reviews :), and even if it's a bug report, if it's supportive feedback then all's great.

    P.S I'm only one developer, not a team.. so sadly that's why it takes me a lot of time to provide feature updates although I really plan on doing them but as for everyone out there time is not on my side.

    This kind of feedback really makes you day better :D. Thanks a lot again.
  • when


    restores tabs in reverse order
    Thanks for the review. Although it's more of a bug report. But at least you managed to give me the answer why for some people the restore is in reverse order. I tested it and it's exactly as you say. Sorry about that, but I really had no idea about it and thus it was impossible for me to find you where and why the bug happened. Now that I know, I can definitely look into it to find a solution. Hope you would consider rising the rating If I will fix it (after the update of course).
    Thanks for using the addon.
  • Great extension! Note: the tabs are saved in the correct order, but are restored in the wrong order. Can you fix this?
    PS: Yes, I am using the latest version (v3.1.0). Sometimes some of the tabs from the beginning were saved to the end of the list. Tabs are almost always restored in the reverse order. This is a minor inconvenience, the addition is excellent. But if you manage to fix the problem with the reverse order, it will be great!
    Thanks for review.
    Are you sure you're using the latest version (v3.1.0) ? Because I know for sure that I fixed this problem a while ago and I can't really seem to replicate it on my end no matter how much I try. The order you see them in the list (top-down) should be the exact order of tabs. I know that Firefox somehow saves a list of bookmarks in reverse order but if they are saved correctly I make sure that the order in which I open the tabs is that one. I will look into it more but I verified and unless there's a strange bug happening the latest version should have fixed that.
  • Simply amazing. Definitely best session manager add-on in the extension shop, currently.
  • User does not have the ability to select and delete multiple links in the session.
  • Brillant idea to sync tabs as bookmarks. simple, reliable and portable.
  • Brilliant add-on.

    A problem: Firefox 63 can't resize the popup, it's small and cuts off view of data. This wasn't an issue before.

    Update: Just tried it on a fresh profile and I experience this behavior after I opted to "Pin to Overflow Menu".
    Update: Sadly... if you put into the Overflow Menu that's expected. Sadly Firefox blocks the size of the pop-up there to fit that specific menu width. I know it's stupid but it's not something I can do... it's the say Mozilla decided to implement it and there's simply no way to do anything there. Just make sure that the addon button is pinned to the addon toolbar (right after the URL bar) and not in the overflow menu. The same goes for max size... it's 800 by 600 pixels at most ... just because that's the hard limit Mozilla imposes for addons, not because I like it, and as well... there's simply nothing I can do about it.

    There should be no problem at all with Firefox 63. I have Firefox 63 on multiple devices and can't seem to reproduce this. Of course, there can be multiple causes for this but most probably it's not the addon fault (sometimes the profile can be at fault, though I really don't know what exactly might cause this).
    Have you tried changing the size from the config as well (Config-> Options -> UI Scaling) or just using the resize handle ? If you still encounter problems and have any more details better contact me directly (Options->Feedback, it should open the mail).
    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Love it! Only thing I can imagine needing to be added is option to open sessions in private windows, if possible. Thank you for the add-on it is superb!
    Thanks for the nice review. Yes, that's a really good idea. I will definitely add this option in the next update. Thanks for feedback.
  • After "Tab Mix Plus" - Sessions Sync is the first one which I like. Great job! Thanks.
    My wishes is to make some features:
    - possibility to change background of the popup window
    - make the restoring process in the same tab, not new one
    Thanks for the review.
    - The background feature... Yes I will definitely do that (as it's already on the feature list: https://github.com/ReDEnergy/SessionSync/issues/40 ).
    - I'm afraid I don't really understand this issue. Are you sure it's not in the options.
    - Session can be restored in the same Window or a New Window
    - Tabs can be restored in the same tab / new tab / new window

    If you mean the action when you click you can actually decide the action from the addon option (default is New Tab but you can switch to open a bookmark in same tab from the options)
    Hope I didn't misunderstood something but in case I did please provide a little more details about the requested feature and I might be able to implement it in a future update.
  • [UPDATE 1/9/18]: Thanks for the very fast reply!
    1) I am glad that you liked my idea of showing the number of open tabs in a session. It will be a very good way to separate which session has the most or less tabs. :-)
    2) That's would be cool as well. (A search box for finding tabs names), is in your future plans!
    3) I never had more than one window with tabs open. Only one window, always. And I've never understood the reason why some people have more than one browser window open, with 3 tabs on one and 20 tabs on the other... what for. He He he

    * => Please consider one more thing that this addon is causing. Because before installing this addon, this wasn't happening. Some (tabs/pages) can not be Loaded when I start my Firefox, and they are displaying this message:
    <If the page was not loaded automatically please check that lazy loading is enabled in addon configuration panel. >>
    Firefox Addon API prevents loading certain URL types. This is not an addon issue.
    ►chrome: URLs
    ►javascript: URLs
    ►data: URLs
    ►file: URLs (files on the filesystem)
    ►priviledged about: URLs
    I have already Enabled that before, but again sometimes I have to reload the certain tabs to show the content and sometimes they are dead. they can't be reloaded.

    + Up to today of trying this addon, I am happy of its general performance and its present features. :-)

    By the way Why you said I gave only one star rating? Haven't you noticed that I gave 3 stars on my First try rating. Not One. :-)
    Now I am giving one more star (and you have 4 ★★★★). Because when I start my Firefox Browser, it doesn't asks me to restore my session anymore. I guess that was only happened on the first day of installing this addon. Afterwards has worked great! I will give 5 stars when You implement the 2 features above :-)
    Thanks again!


    ---- Previous Review: It seems to be a very promising addon. But there are some things that are not working well as expected by me:
    1) I don't see anywhere in the window view, the number of Tabs in a specific session. It would be really helpful to know how many tabs we have in each session, because I usually have between 300-400 open tabs in firefox!.
    2) the search box is for what purpose exactly? Because I am searching for some tabs in my session and it doesn't find anything. Is it a search box for sessions only? really?
    3) I am a little confused because I noticed that the New tabs I opened on my Firefox browser are not saved automatically every 15 seconds, as shows in the options menu. I might be wrong because it is my first interaction with the app, but lets see what will happen in few days. I will change my review to positive (add more stars) or to a negative one (remove stars), if it asks me the next time I open my browser and restores the older session which I didn't want to restore and lost my new session. Lets see.
    Updated Response [03-09-2018]

    Thanks for telling me about that issue with dead tabs that can't be reloaded. If they are one of those types of URL sadly that's normal. (And you can't even press on the link to reload it from what I remember). If it was a normal web page.. then it might be an issue and I will investigate it. (Actually with Firefox 63 I will be able to use an internal API and not rely a special workaround I had to build for this.)

    Sorry about that misunderstanding with 1-star rating. Probably my wording was not perfect but I never said you did that. I clearly saw you gave it 3 stars. I was actually talking about some "general" easy to disappoint users when the addon does not do what they want/expect without taking into consideration what addon description. I suppose it was not the right time/place to say that.

    Yes, better support the other 2 features you requested will be surely implemented in futures updates.
    Thanks again for the support.

    Hi. Thanks for the detailed review.
    1) Well, sadly the addon doesn't show that, but since it's a good idea I will add this feature in a future update.

    2) Sorry but at this very moment that's all the search box can do. I don't have a full search feature. It is planned but not yet ready.

    3) Please take into consideration that the addon is mostly intended for on-demand saving into bookmarks. The auto-saving history is mostly intended for keeping session for a short time (last 2 days, last 10 browser sessions, etc). Also, at this moment the saving does not work for closed windows (that meas if you have 3 windows each with 100 tabs and you close one, only the remaining windows will be saved (and overwrite the last save)). I'm working on a fix that keeps tracking for all the windows.

    Things to consider:

    - Take into consideration that saving 400 tabs as bookmarks might freeze the browser for a fraction of a second (probably depends on the PC configuration as well) but from test I know that saving around 1000 tabs took 1 second in my case.
    - Ultimately, the addon might not suit you well at this moment because of the missing features that you may consider critical. The addon was initially built with a specific purpose in mind - manual session management while other auto-tracking features were added over time and of course it's still missing things.

    Please be fair with the final rating when you plan to update it and also take into consideration what the addon can do and not only some specific requirements that might be missing (I totally get that missing some features can be deal-breaking for some users but I often fail to see why is that a good reason to give a 1 star rating :D). Of course, it's a free world, free speech, free addons :)

    Thanks again.
  • It works great so far. I like the UI, workflow feels natural. Please keep this going!
  • Bravo. good!!!!! tool. very nice !
  • 界面美觀、功能豐富、實用,很專業
    Thanks for the review. Just used translate to understand the review :D (sadly I don't know Chinese). 谢谢
  • This is without a doubt the best session manager for Firefox, and I've tried them all. I've been looking for a good session manager that compares to Session Buddy for Chrome. The tab view is especially nice!
  • Super application
    Thanks as well for using the addon.
  • Just nice, Popover view, Window view, Tab view, AND FREE Licensed, just what I want.

    Edit 10/29/2018:
    Could be improved:
    - There's no way to delete multiple links or sessions.
    - Stored as bookmarks makes recent bookmarks full-filled with these bookmarks, which looks annoying.. It would be better if user can choose whether sessions store as bookmarks.
    Thanks for the review. Glad that you like it, as regarding the 2 issues.
    1. When it comes to graphics I bet it's not that easy to find a good set of icons that will please everyone. Most probably I will try to integrate the possibility to select from a bunch of predefined icons and who knows... at some point (If I find the time to do it) even let users load their own icons.
    2. I don't remember having any serious issues with Firefox bookmark syncing but I know there are reported cases when it might not work as expected (although they should be mostly solved lately). Providing a custom solution for bookmark syncing does not make much sense right now as there are already a few alternative solutions out there. I will integrate at some point an option to import/export bookmarks through JSON but this won't really solve the sync problem.
    Thanks again for taking the time to leave the feedback. Sadly, I can only promise I will do something about only for the first solution.
  • This is hands down the best session manager add-on currently available. If you are using a different session manager, you really should try this one out.
    A little bit late but thanks a lot for the review. Really glad that you like it.
  • Does not work. It is more risky then the built in one. Mistake.

    We get rid of this bad add-on and we hunt for one that works. Reading other reviews, I don't think this I am the only one unhappy with this addon.
    What exactly does not work ?! The addon is not really supposed to replace the built in session restore. It's mostly intended to be able to keep whatever sessions you want as bookmarks (with saving on demand), and I bet that unless there is a serious issue with your system there's simply no way that saving would not work. I don't really know what exactly does not work in your case because you don't provide this information but think about this... There can't be 5000 people that use the addon constantly if the addon is broken. The addon is not intended for everyone and the description clearly states what it can do. As long as it does not do something "bad" then clearly it's a matter of choice if you want to use it or not. If it doesn't fit your needs I would say that it's not a reason to give it 1 star rating.
  • Hi Gabriel,

    Thank you for sharing this great tool and following up the feedback and providing support based on users experience. I do have some comments.

    Please let me go back to the feedback provided by "Panorama" as it includes a very important point regarding the issue when auto saving a session with multiple windows.

    I faced the same issue and I think that it is related to the "Auto-Save History" feature and in order to replicate it I would suggest the following steps:
    -Open Firefox and then add a couple of new tabs within the same window
    -Open a second window and add 3 new tabs
    -Now you have 2 windows with 5 tabs and the current session in the History list should include both windows
    -Close the first window, wait for a few seconds (till the auto save interval period passes) and then close the second window which will exit Firefox
    -Reopen Firefox application and go to the "Sessions History" list and select the previous auto-saved session (most recent item)

    You will notice that it includes only a list of 3 tabs from the second window while there is no record for the first window and its 2 tabs.

    I am not sure if this bug is related to Firefox or to the tool itself. Anyway I think that the "Auto-Save History" function should add a new entry (item) in the "Sessions History" list for each closed window otherwise it would be incomplete feature.

    I also have a question, could you please explain where do you store the data of the "Sessions History" list because it is not included in the "SessionSync" bookmarks folder.

    Thanks again for your work and support,
    Update: Sorry but I was not able to finish the update yet. I will update the message once it's done.
    Hi, and thanks a lot for the detailed information.
    Sadly everything you mentioned is correct and the reason is that I implemented the saving mechanism without taking into consideration that closed windows should be saved. I realized that the behavior is not what is normally expected from a auto-saving feature. It should store all windows no matter how many are opened and closed and that's something that I quite failed to implement properly.
    I will try to fix this ASAP (I should be able to fix it this weekend) and latest by Monday a new version to be ready.
    Regarding saved location. Sadly the auto-saving functionality is not stored into Bookmarks. They are saved into the browser "localStorage" that is hidden from users. Most addons out there will store everything into this storage and you won't have access to the data unless the addon offers some kind of an export functionality. I decided to store what user would consider important data into "Bookmarks" because they users will be in control of it and not the addon and data will be there (visible) always. Please understand that not saving everything into bookmarks is not an issue but the other way around. I tried to offer something better by saving only those things that matter to you (every user) in the most transparent way possible (through bookmarks).

    The reason why auto-saved data can't be stored in bookmarks:
    - because it is saved periodically and saving into Bookmarks would create performance issues for many users as well as possible sync errors (bookmarks are not really intended to be changed that often, I mean not once every 10 seconds)
    - bookmarks are usually intended for things that you want to keep for a longer period of time
    - auto-saved sessions are usually intended only as recovery options/backup restoring: browser crashing, system crashing or getting back to a certain site that you know you visited a few hours ago/days

    Because of this decision only bookmarks are synced across Firefox accounts. But I would say that is ok because you can always decide if you want to promote an auto-saved session to a synced session by saving it into Bookmarks.

    Usually there are many things to consider when building such an extension and I tried to keep a good balance between functionality and features. It won't be perfect for everyone but as I receive feedback I try to improve it. Thanks again for feedback. Promise that I will have an update for this ASAP. I will update this comment as soon as the implementation is ready.
  • good
  • Fails at some of the most basic things, and specifically it can't save a "window". This means that if you have two browser windows open, each containing different types of information, it fails to save the second window. The first window saves, but when closed after saving, the second window creates an entry as if it did something, but it's just a useless link to "Session Sync".

    IOW, all your tabs/research/data in the second window is "history", as in unrecoverable as an entity. Everyone know that Firefox itself sucks today (trying very hard to be as horrible as the POS chrome, and succeeding), but eliminating all the great and competent add-ons is just inexcusable because we're left with things like this that just don't work.
    Hi, and thanks for feedback. I don't understand exactly what exactly it's happening in your case because saving multiple windows definitely works. Not sure if there can be any other addons that can cause such an issue but saving definitely works ok. Of course... there can be lots of things that I can't control that can affect the addon but the code does exactly what it's suppose to. I will investigate to see if I can replicate this but I can definitely say that I never seen encounter this kind of bug.
    The addon may not be for everyone and I do get that but please understand that your experience with it most probably is not reflection of the addon quality. 99.99% of the time the addon works as it should I would say. If there are serious issues that I can tackle (like the one you've mention) I will try to fix them as soon as possible but in this case I simply have no lead what exactly causes Firefox to stop saving the second window.
    If you are able to provide more information that would be helpful (I usually don't test everything on linux and I don't have a Mac so if it happens to be one of these 2 I might have a better lead) please send me an email. Of course, I will still try to figure out what may be the cause for this issue.
  • WTH you use s2.googleusercontent.com/s2/favicons?domain_url to get favicons?!? You literally send our full browsing history to google! Is this privacy for you?! Are you paid for this by google?


    I don't think I could trust you again but I will definitely keep an eye on your code so watch yourself.
    Favicon request code was removed (as of version 3.0.3). No single request is created from within the addon toward a third-party server. Favicons are directly taken from the sites that you visit (so each favicon from it's respective site and cached locally if possible).

    Hi. I care really a lot about privacy and I really messed up this. Since there was no way around to get links favicons using WebExtensions I looked up for alternatives and I found that google has a service for this. I'm really really sorry about this. When I read your message I literately stopped for 2 seconds realizing how idiot I've been that I thought this is an alternative solution. Really really sorry for doing this. And no, of course I'm not paid by google. I simply made a stupid decision without realizing that service may be tracked by google.
    I really understand your concern and it's totally right.
    Again.. really really sorry. The code will be removed right away. I will update the message as soon as I fix this.
  • This extension is pretty good and allows me to manage multiple sessions. It also has a good UI so thanks for the creator!
  • Very usefull & cool, my laptop and desktop loves it!

    I hope there is mobile firefox version in the futur :)
  • The most useful and the most advanced session manager out there, across all browsers. The only feature that I initialy didn't find is the option for import end export of sessions. Only after having read in the description, that import/backup option is available from the Firefox integrated bookmark menu, I finaly found that option. My advice to the developer:
    1. Remove the first tab from the left ("Active session", the one wih logo), as it only duplicates the content already present in the 2nd tab "Sessions", and also in the 3rd tab - "current session".
    2. Then rename "Sessions" to "Saved sessions", and rename "History" to "Auto-saved sessions".
    3. In the add-on "burger" menu, or as an extra button along all the other buttons, put an extra "Import/export" button, which would open a tooltip, explaining where to find (in the Firefox Bookmark Manager), and how to use the import/export function" (by simply importing/exporting Firefox bookmarks).
    These 3 things will make the menu much more logical, user-friendly and easy to understand, although already now it's near perfection.
    P.S. Chome's "Session Buddy" open as a new full-width tab on default, and thus it's easier to navigate and see all the sessions - yet another possible approach. Session Sync allows a maximum 800x600px.

    P.S.S. "t's true that Active Session is duplicate with the one from 3rd tab - "Current Session" but the 2nd tab does not do that. " - What I meant, was that both in the list under the 1st tab, and in the same list under 2nd tab I see my saved sessions - i.e. the same saved session list under 2 different tabs. This creates confusion.

    P.S.S.S - Don't want to seem annoying - just trying to hopefully help you improve this already a masterpiece.
    "Since the active session can only be accessed through that button when the Auto-saved sessions is disabled (from configuration) I need to think really well how a good solution." Suggested solution: as mentioned above, remove the 1st tab, and rename the other two. Then, switch places of the remaining 2nd and 3rd tabs. Then the add-on tabs will look like this: 1st tab - "Auto-saved sessions", and the 2nd tab - "Saved sessions". The 1st tab should be open on default no matter whether auto-saving is switched on or off. If off, then the first entry in the list under the 1st tab shall be "current session (auto-saving switched off)" or "current session (to save, turn on autosaving)", or "current session (not saved; to save turn on auto-saving").

    PS.x4: hopefully my last post :-) Yet another proposal - rename the addon to "Bookmark & Session manager" - this way not only users of session add-ons will find you, but also the much larger userbase of bookmark managers. Good luck!
    Reply to P.S.S.S:
    =)) Nobody's annoying. I should be really grateful for so much helpful feedback. Although we should have probably not used this review section as a chat. Feel free to contact me on my mail. You can find a leave feedback button with my mail on the top-right side of the help page.

    Sadly that "Current Session" from the auto-save section is actually a snapshot of the current session that can be from anywhere between 1 second ago and 10 minutes (whatever time you set in the configuration). So it's not really a reflection of your current session. Again... probably creates some confusions this one as well but I assumed since it's in the auto-saved session it shouldn't be that problematic. Most sure I was wrong. Yes it's sort of funny but like I said when you actually try to fit everything right, there's always something that is not really ok.

    Reply to P.S.S
    Yes sadly it does that... it does changes the right panel (where it shows the active session instead of a certain selected session if you had one selected) but I do understand. I don't really like it how it is right know. I'll definitely try to find a solution to it.

    Reply to P.S
    You can that that too with SessionSync (CTRL + SHIFT+ V) will open it into a Window or a Tab (depending on what you have set from configurations).
    Session Buddy is a great session manager... true, but at the same time quite different from this. I actually use (and probably other users as well) Session Sync as a great organized bookmark manager: If I find something interesting I add the current tab to a certain session. You can only do this by keeping the current tab active only by using the the panel.
    The truth is... although I have some feedback I truly have no idea how many users use it purely as a Session Manager, how many as a Bookmarking Manager and how many as both. All I know is that I have somehow to find good solutions (while also preserving a good user experience) to fit as many individual expectations as possible :D. And that's incredibly hard to do. But feedback is great and I will try to improve it as much as possible.

    Later edit:
    1. It's true that Active Session is duplicate with the one from 3rd tab - "Current Session" but the 2nd tab does not do that. Basically the first tab is there just to press it to get fast to the "Current Session". Yes it's not really ideal, I will try to remove it somehow because it's a little bit out of place there.
    Since the active session can only be accessed through that button when the Auto-saved sessions is disabled (from configuration) I need to think really well how a good solution. Certain configuration options can create a lot of problems and that's why there might be some redundancy each and there.

    2. Yeah... I kind of wanted to have them better explained but I always had problems with available space. Since I don't know the width of that tab list longer description can not appear complete. If I manage somehow to kill the first tab I will try to provide better description.

    3. True... since this is a feature many users expect I should provide a better description of it. Really good idea to have it there. I will try to add some explanations as soon as possible.


    Thanks for feedback. Import and export functionality will definitely arrive in a future update (as many other features: see https://github.com/ReDEnergy/SessionSync/issues/40 for more info). In the meantime you still have an option: Firefox Bookmark Manager can export/import all your bookmarks (these will contain the saved sessions as well since they actually saved as bookmarks).