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  • A fine tunable solution to a common problem. The individual window save/restore wasa just what I was looking for.

  • One of the best plugins for Firefox. Used with Tab Mix Plus and BarTab and you have most likely the best solution for managing your tabs across sessions.

    One thing needs to be added: The option to have the plugin NOT prompt to load the session when Firefox crashes. Some crashes are not page related, rather because current version of Firefox simply crashes without reason. Just simply start Firefox and have to reload your last session without prompting, even after a crash.

    Developer response

    Check the "Use browser's built-in crash recovery prompt" in the General Startup & Shutdown options and the built-in crash prompt in Firefox will be used. That prompt doesn't prompt you the first time Firefox crashes, it simply reloads the last session. If it crashes again it will prompt you. Session Manager still makes a backup of the crashed session, it just doesn't put up it's own prompt window.

  • Excellent add-on. Thanks for fixing closed tabs issue.

  • This add-on is essential for power users, It has saved my a** on many, many occasions. I'm one of those people who have 12-20 tabs open at a time and can't seem to keep that number down. I only wish I would've had it earlier. If you're looking for extra security, try Password Exporter and Xmarks in addition. You'll be good to go during any type of failure.

  • Safety first!!!

    Therefore, this Add-on is required for any Firefox-related browser user to install, in my opinion. :-)

  • simple and powerful

  • is it compatible with "restore control" add-on or any future plan of author?

  • how can I save/add an open web page/s to saved session ?

  • Сбылась мечта, которая зародилась пару часов назад!)
    По сути аналог нескольких рабочих столов!!! Просто счастье для таких как я когда в браузере бывает открыто 15 и более окон и все они нужны и будут нужны и после перезагрузки ПК. Однако лицезреть их все сразу очень не удобно... Session Manager позволил мне разделить их на различные сессии... Я очень доволен!

    Однако цель моего писания не только благодарность и поэтому я надеюсь, что этот пост прочитает и разработчики данного аддона. Суть просьба очень проста. Для счастья не хватает всего лишь одной скромной. но очень удобной и нужной функции - закрытия всех вкладок выбранной сесии. Тогда можно было бы быстро закрыть не нужную сессию и продолжить работать в другой или новой сессии!!!

  • I while ago I ask them to change the way you could delete session, because before everytime you deleted a session the delete window was closed. So I am really glad the even listen to people's comments (or it's just coincidence).
    So I am here to tell everybody that this is just a great app with amazing support.
    And I even got a new thing that could be added. I was thinking about changing the home page so you can select you're sessions there or just continue browsing. It's just a small suggestion with a possibility for bugs.

  • Thank you. At last a working session manager that's comparable to Maxthon group. It would be nice to add a converter to convert from and to Maxthon though (or at least from). I'm sick of Maxthon crashing constantly and want to convert all my saved Maxthon groups over to Firefox.

  • For sure a useful thing. But way too complicated to edit saved sessions. Did not find out how to remove a tab from a session. That software gives me a headache.

    Developer response

    You can remove tabs from a session by choosing delete and then selecting the tabs you want to remove.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Session Manager! I feel it deserves WAY more than 5 stars! It's one of my favorite add-ons that I use every day. I wish it came as a BUILT-IN feature.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH from a longtime Firefox user and major taboholic. Your add-on has made web surfing so much easier now that I can save all my tabs and reopen them at another time (which is totally awesome).

    - Option to edit and MERGE windows into A SINGLE WINDOW in a multi-window session, both BEFORE beginning a new session (that is, when it autostarts with Firefox and prompts you to select a session), as well as DURING an active session (so you can merge two or more windows into just one window as you're browsing)
    - Option to SAVE & EXPORT selected links from sessions as an HTML file with live links like the My Portal add-on, which creates a live web page of the links in your bookmark hierarchy. My Portal add-on: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1217
    - Option to SAVE & EXPORT selected links from sessions and paste them to the clipboard or to an MS Word document/Notepad text file
    - Make the files in the sessions folder readable and editable without needing to have Firefox open (that is, to be able to open, read, and edit files in another program like MS Word/Notepad)
    - Option to also delete tabs prior to opening a session, not just to choose which tabs you want to open
    - Option to ask and confirm upon browser shutdown: 1) "Please select which tabs you want to keep for this session", and 2) Do you want to merge any of your open windows? If yes, please select the windows and click merge."

    I have only one small bug/issue to report: Lately, whenever I start Firefox, SM autostarts as well and asks me to choose a session to open the browser window--the problem is that I UNselected the option to prompt me for a session to start Firefox with so I don't know why this keeps happening.

    Also, since SM is autoloading as part of the Firefox startup process, it's causing Firefox to eat up a TON of my computer's active memory, usually more than 100,000K. Basically, it's making Firefox freeze as it's starting or it makes the cooling fan run really loudly because it's starting to overheat.

  • Very good add-on only a bit complicated. The session manager should be integrated as sidebar.


  • к "труба дело"
    28/07/10 - исправлено в ver.

  • Почитал я
    Решение ошибки "несинхронная сущность"
    и очень мне это не понравилось.

    В связи с этим вопрос:
    А как откатиться к работавшей версии сего Add-on?

  • Ошибка синтаксического анализа XML: несинхронная сущность
    Адрес: chrome://sessionmanager/content/session_prompt.xul
    Строка 111, символ 69: &ctrl_click_note.label;

    Как это побороть?

  • Tab Mix Plus provides a Session Manager that permits saving all Ffx windows that are opened for or in a particular Ffx user profile, as well as for saving only the tabs of an active Ffx window. TMP also provides a menu for opening closed tabs; and much more.

    BUT, and as far as I'm aware for now, TMP's SM doesn't permit saving and accumulating more than two session files. Maybe it does and to cause it to do this requires using the SM menu in the Ffx Tools menu, instead of only saving to save a session when Ffx is being closed. While I've been using TMP's session saver instead of Ffx's since having installed TMP, I've only been doing session saves when closing down Ffx. That doesn't permit having more than two sessions saved and if I'm not mistaken, then there are only two to choose from when there's been a Ffx crash. Perhaps using TMP's SM in the Tools menu does permit saving more session files for the user to be able to select from more than only two when starting up Ffx, but I'll have to try this out to find out.

    Re. Ffx crashes:

    Restoring sessions from crashed Ffx sessions has been no problem for me ever since I switched from Ffx 2.20 to 3.3.


    Based on the images provided in the install page for your Session Manager add-on, it looks very interesting and a must to try it. So I just installed it and will check it out.

    Some of the images show that your add-on permit saving and accumulating as many sessions and windows as a user wishes and this is a feature that will be very useful to me. It's been often frustrating to be lacking this feature.

    Great idea you had with this add-on and I see MOSTLY high ratings for it from users here. It's clearly a MUST TRY.

    Because I haven't yet restarted Ffx and it'll take some days before I can give an actual rating, but MOST users have already given 5 of 5 stars, I'll give it 5 for now and will later lower this if there's cause for me to do so.

  • Extension très pratique qui peut sauver beaucoup de travail et de temps.

  • I use it as extra backuptool just in case FF or my computer crashes and restoring the old session goes wrong. You want to reopen your current session weeks, months or even years later, for what reason ever? Here you go. And it's a wonderful help, when you're abusing open tabs as temporal bookmarks/"wannaread"-reminders and you have to save them somehow.
    As far as I know the gest session manager around for FF. (I can't tell if there is a better one. Never felt like looking for an alternative.)

    ***Now here's a little request aimed at the developer: It says, that it works with FF3.7a2pre. Now that FF3.7 or what*'s left off it has become FF4.0 and FF4.0b1 is out, how about checking, if it's compatible?

    Developer response is not FF4.0 compatibility. The just submitted 0.6.8 is compatible with FF4.0. I expect it will be approved within a week or two, though it might take longer. If you're impatient you can install it now in the "All Versions" page.

  • good stuff. The same functionality I used to use in Maxthon ages back

  • So cool... I think you need to request firefox to mark this addon is recommendation...

  • LOVE this addon has saved me tons of trouble trying to remember what tabs i have open, hard to do when you have 10+.

    Only problem is getting to work initially as it sometimes conflicts with tab mix plus but not to hard to fix

  • after four years I post a review: is the best

  • Hi!

    After a crash, I usually choose the 1st option in the list. But only now I perceive that option is not the last session :(((. Despite that I gave 5 stars xD. I wonder if it is possible to add a column to sort the sessions by date, and that column be the default. Another good thing would be a button to restore last session!