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  • Best Session Manager for any browser. I arranged my Firefox usage completely around this plugin. For each type of work I load the appropriate session and if something changes the session will automatically update. I have *hundreds* of sessions saved, each dedicated to one particular area of study, work project or just general area of interest. I switched back to FF56 and I will stay with that version until there is a Session Manager for a later FF version or for another browser.

  • Absolutely gutted it's gone. A fantastic add-on that never failed me. Trying desperately to get back the previous Firefox version.

  • Очень удобное расширение и очень удобный интерфейс. Очень жаль, что оно не работает с последними версиями Мозиллы.

  • This is the add-on I relied on more than any other when it was supported. I want it back ASAP.

  • It was one of the best extensions for Firefox version <57 !
    Thank you so much for saving my marriage so many times lol (after Firefox crashed and all my wife's tabs were lost) !

  • Definitely the best browsing session manager I have ever had.
    I switched back to older FF versions just to keep my sessions.
    Well worth updating for compatibility with new FF versions.
    Would be happy to pay for it.

  • This was the best manager I have ever had. I switches back to older FF versions just to keep my sessions. Three times I lost a lot of saved sessions using the build in session manager in FF Quantum. What do you think Michael if you make your manager payable?

  • The reason why I've swiched back to older Firefox and deactivated Updates. With this Add-on it's still better.

  • Отличное приложение ,лучшее в своём роде.

  • Best tab manager going until recent firefox update where its now been made legacy. Still a 5* in my books and had many years of flawless use. Thank You Michael!

  • Works perfect in Basilisk 2018.01.05
    I've been using this for years, starting on Firefox, then Pale Moon, and now running concurrently on Pale Moon and Basilisk.

  • Without session manager firefox is useless. I'm refusing to upgrade Firefox for a while, then I have to switch to Chrome (there is session buddy)

  • This is a huge time-saver for me. In the past I would have to make a folder, name it, and then save a shortcut to each tab. Now I just save the session, close the browser and move on with my work. If I want, I can copy the .session file to my work folder and go back any time.

    Also, everyone has to use Firefox ESR. All of the typical Firefox problems go away, and all of the add-ons work perfectly. This is not a suggestion, it is a necessity!!!

  • This has been a workhorse for me for a long time. I think I even made a contribution, which on my budget is saying something. Excellent work. I especially value the ability to save tabs to a different drive.

  • Please update extension for firefox 57! I'm one of Session Manager users who is refusing to upgrade Firefox

  • 最高の拡張機能でした。目的ごとにタブを管理できて、一定時間ごとに自動保存することもできた。Quantumになってからこれに代わる拡張機能がないため本当に困っています。

  • Ваше дополнение просто шикарно!!! Восстановите работу и сделайте для версии Firefox 57, pls

  • I am yet another fan of Session Manager who is refusing to upgrade Firefox. I do hope you can find a way to make it work on Quantum.

  • Today I had to give up (due to laggy firefox 56 plus other issues) and upgrade my firefox to 57 where this extension is not supported. Still hoping this will be ported to new versions of firefox... i'm still not giving up using firefox eventhough chrome has really outrun it.

  • When using Session Manager it does not work with Comodo Icedragon I cannot load any session giving a blank page this happened with all versions. Any help please how do I fix this problem?

  • one of the best products for firefox session manager

  • Please update the extension. is the best extension for that task in whole browser in the internet. please reconsider your work in the new firefox.

  • One of the main reasons Firefox > 56 is DOA to me and thousands of other Firefox users.
    Death to the mullahs!
    Death to then revolutionary guard!

  • This was my favorite and most used extension, no similar extension come close. It should be a core feature, but I would have gladly paid a reasonable price for a new version that will work with the latest version of Firefox.

    I wonder if developer is considering developing a new version. I'm willing to kick-n $50.00 US.