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WTF?!?! Is this Linux or something? Mozilla says "It will also support Seamonkey 2.0a3 if the patch to bug 36810", so I go 2 the link & there's a 10,000 mile long page with all kinds of blah blah about some java whatever - and links - but nothing that U can 'click & install' or 'download and execute'.

I AM NOT A PROGRAMMER NOR AM I INTERESTED IN BECOMING ONE! It's YOUR job as programmers 2 make things quick, easy, & SIMPLE 4 people who do NOT want 2 waste their life twiddling with something that should 'just work' in the first place!

Y the fuk can't these plugins just 'work' with the various browsers? Give me a break! =P

Without session management, there is no reason 4 SeaMonkey 2 exist! K-Meleon is almost as bad - loses favorites randomly - so can't fave N E thing (unless U don't mind it being automatically DELETED without yer' permission whenever the prog upgrades!)... IDIOTS!!

It's amazing how programmers typically lack common sense. What good is a browser that wipes out your favorites, or can't manage sessions? Once U have session management, U R a fool 2 go back 2 progs that don't have it - it's just 2 useful ! =)

Please make it work with Seamonkey Portable 2.0a2 (whatever that means). I TRIED 2 find previous versions... so could install this, but apparently Mozilla Foundation (in their infinite wisdom) REMOVED those old 'obsolete' versions (where things JUST WORK), & gave us this new buggy portable version that DOESN'T!

Somebody tell me please where I can DL SeaMonkey Portable 1.whatever so can work with this app :) My E-Mail is peter845@hotmail.com

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Seamonkey 2.0 is still in alpha so that's why you'd need to apply the patch manually. I'm assuming by the time Seamonkey 2.0 reaches beta you won't need to apply the patch.

Or you could use SeaMonkey 1.x and grab the old version of Session Manager that works with it. That's available at http://sessionmanager.mozdev.org/old_index.html

Or just use Firefox.