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  • To all people that have problems with using Session Manager, just use WaterFox: https://www.waterfoxproject.org/en-US/waterfox/ Way better than the new Firefox, it's clean, light and is compatible with all your favorite legacy addons, addons like FlashGot, DownThemAll! and Session Manager :)
  • Thank you Michael Kraft and good people at Mozilla for all you effort!

    Dear Mozilla, we are still in pain !!!!!!
    In Firefox 57 or higher, a lot of highly efficient and practical add-ons(that you call legacy[and what a good legacy they were!]) will not work.
    The change from the other add-on infrastructure was done too quickly and brutally. Would it have been too much for add-ons devs, to have a tool which translated their add-on from previous technology to current?
    Who is the main beneficiary(at least until now) of this mess? :::::: G O O G L E .
    Check out the usage share of browsers in the last years: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_web_browsers
    A lot of users were lured from google search page to install their browser, and the majority of users do not understand what google is.
    Google represents: Spying, Monopoly, Closed and Proprietary source code which cannot be reviewed by anyone except some people at google, and little regard for customization. Mozilla is (or at least was before FF57) the opposite.
    Who are the main disadvantaged people? ::: a lot of the every day users of Firefox. Since the change(after FF57), about 5% of the users have completely left Firefox, and a lot others have stopped updating beyond FF 56.
  • Everyone can find replacements here:

  • It was awesome till Quantum rendered it incompatibility.
  • Extremely useful extension, considering how often the browser crashes. I use several years and it often helped out.
    But it can be significantly improved if you add "Compare" to the list of 6 possible tasks (Download, Save, Delete ...). This function is very much in demand for this extension if several sessions accumulate, each of which has a large number of tabs open, which can be duplicated. The option to quickly find and remove duplicates by comparing addresses and descriptions saves a lot of time and looks to be very useful.
    Thank you very much for this app!
  • Hello.I love this manager for my sessions.Can you please make it to the quantum as well?
  • This app is the sole reason why I uninstalled the new version of Firefox and went back to 5.6!!
    Periodically I'm checking to see if the support for it has been granted and if I could install the new version of both the browser and the app, but to no avail.

    I hope someone from Firefox actually hears our cries here and do something about it.
    Having ability to save current work (tabs) and not have it lost (like it did numerous times before this app) is crucial in my opinion.

    Firefox, please, wake up!
  • The easiness of recovering tabs and previous sessions is so amazing!
  • If only Firefox Webextensions API had what you need...
    This is not being ported because the needed tools to port it don't exist (It's like asking someone to build a pool without using water): https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1427928
  • Una de la mejores extensiones para manejar sesiones no hay comparación con otros, lastima que ya no se le da mantenimiento para Firefox Quantum
  • best one in the market.-
  • Та бомба . Жалко що була колись. UA .
  • Wthere is compartible with latest firefox (version 59 - 60)?? I'm waiting for it through years...
  • I already left a detailed review explaining the problems I had which make this addon unusable, and it's now mysteriously gone. I suspect the developer is flagging negative reviews for removal. I'm certainly not going to rewrite my review, not that I would remember all the points I made anyways. Apparently, instead of listening to feedback and improving the addon, they would rather let it sit, without updates, and simply have bad reviews removed so others can't be made aware of the SIGNIFICANT problems it has.
  • bonne extension, dommage quel ne sois pas mise à jour pour être compatible avec Firefox 60.0.1 64Bits
  • Please return to 57 version the possibility to use Session Manager and FavTab! Until you don't do it I'll stay with 56 version. And I'm not the only one. Do you at all read the wishes of users? Or just develop Mozilla for your self-indulgence? Such stupid politics have already burried IE. Do you want to copy its fate?
  • This is one of the best firefox extensions, Please, Mozille ppl, start working on it.
  • men este complemento es magnifico ojala lo actualizaras para quantum
  • alguien que actualice este plugin POR FAVOR!!!!!!!!
    someone which made update of this PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi Micheal,
    Thanks for that great add-on, it worked perfectly and the interface is nice.
    Unfortunetely, it doesn't work any more with the new version of Firefox. Do you think you will you update your add-on ? It would be cool.
  • I'd love to have it in Opera as well. It's a shame that I can't use it now. It's been a life saver for so long...
  • Hi Michael, hi everyone,

    Session Manager extension still works nicely with last version of Waterfox (56.1 at the time of this post, WF still support old-style XUL addons) and replaces gracefully the Tab Mix Plus session management feature that is buggy with FF 55+ and Waterfox. Those two extensions can work together with ease: Session Manager for session management and TMP for tabs management (TMP recognizes Session Manager activity and auto-disables its session management feature!).

    But because none of these addons are compatible with FF 57+, I now use Waterfox for months (sorry Mozilla, I've been a very long time user of your products but with your Chrome-replicant FF you lost me)...

  • puedo guardar todas la pestañas y todas las ventanas en una sola sesión
  • Hey Firefox! Bring back Session Manager! NOW!!!
  • I have the newest version so i can't use this Addon :( but I can rate it. 5*