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  • the best tool I've ever seem~very good to use
  • a very handy and useful plugin for seo
  • Great idea showing ranks there. You should add PI rank (API here - http://rank.trellian.com/add.txt?url=google.com ) and maybe some others to compete with some other SEO addons.
  • I am using this addons and it includes some great SEO features but the issue is that when I enable all the fields it works slowly...
  • Great plugin!!
  • A really awesome idea but I just can't get it to work at all w/ Google. I configured it so it only launches on request and set parameters to only display Google page rank, index and links...everything else is disabled. I can successfully run *one* search that will include SEOQuake data on the search results page; every SERP after that contains no sign of SEOQuake info. I'm running v2.6.6 of the extension on FF v3.6.11. A user forum and or a troubleshooting FAQ would probably be helpful additions to seoquake.com FWIW. Update: I've upped my rating to four stars because after playing with this awhile longer I've found that when Google real-time search is disabled the extension does seem to work pretty reliably.
  • great plugin for webmasters and SEOs to get the correct disk imaging on the site
  • Awesome!
  • Seems like a great tool to me. For preventing bans or captcha, just set it to load on request.
  • Toolbar did not show up on Mac version 3.6.9. Preferences button was greyed out, so no preferences. Uninstalled.
  • Thank you so much, Tyler for responding to my post. I love this tool and really wanted to use it.
    I set my preferences to delay and I have not been banned yet. I appreciate that you took the time to come here and respond. Here is the video, Tyler made in case it gets lost in the shuffle: http://blog.seoquake.com/?p=477
  • Terrible software which took forever to manually & completely delete. This software kept sending automatic queries even after I uninstalled it. I wasn't able to do any searches on Google because they temporarily banned me. I even did a ipconfig /flushdns in cmd but to no avail. Bottom line, don't waste your time.
    It can't send any queries after you deleted it. It send queries when you use it for work, because it need to check the parameters that you need for SEO analysis. You can easily enable-disable it by 1 click on it's icon. You can even disable all parameters that work with google. SeoQuake is able to use caching and "by request" mode. I personally use it myself every day and i have never banned by google for last 12 months.
  • I followed the video instructions and still got temporarily banned from Google. I not some "black hat" seo guy either. It would be great if you could make a version where Google didn't have the chance to get pissed at the user.
    seoquake (a ) gmail.com
  • After over two hours, I still can't get it to work the way I want it to. I have tried to delete the entire add-on and start over, to no avail. I can't find the Edit function at all. A real disappointment.
    seoquake (a) gmail.com

    \\ the "edit" button is in preferences>parameters. SeoQuake is fully customizable.
  • There is a fair bit of information to work through with this add-on, but it is a very useful comparison tool and we have actually found ourselves using it quite a lot...
  • This is very useful tool if you use it carefully like SERP parameter loading. Restrict few feature like the SERP parameter and you can safely use the tool without the fear of getting banned from Google or other search engines
  • i have been using SEO quake and lately it's not working. I don't know what seems to be the problem. i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it already. the problem keeps coming back. please help
  • It's just very Helpful
    I use this at my site
  • Very Helpful
  • Program is out of date. Google Index and Bing index not working. I'm using this great addon, but it need to be up date for solve changes in Google and Bing.
  • Why my Yahoo link always display error? i use 2.5.11 version. I love Seoquake more than SEOBOOK. but i have no choice to choose seobook, because it have no problem with Yahoo error. so sad
  • This add-ons for firefox it great tool.
  • Its a great tool with much misunderstanding. Trying to use it on a search results page will make it send about 20 different information request per site link on the search page. That's hundreds of request. Of course that will get your ip blocked from Google if your browser don't have a heart attack first.

    Use it on one page at a time on the search leading sites and your fine. It will give your great insight on what SEO methods work for leading sites and how they work on each search engine.

    I am sorry folks, that's really powerful information and that makes this tool critical to have if your an SEO player. For those that understand what this tools does and how to use it carefully they understand the developer need not be polite.

    You can compare the data from winning sites to your sites and make the changes to perform much better in search results.

    Many AdSense users are angry at the Adspy feature as it gives you the AdSense id number of every web page using AdSense and with that you can see all the sites one owner has and study how he is making money with PPC site networks. Find a good one and you can follow the leader and make money off ads. The thinbg is anyone can get the id by looking at the view page source. All this does is make it easy.

    They do track you but no more than any big name site and nothing to get nuts about. Nobody cares about where you go online but where groups go so its not personal information.

    It does violate Google terms but if used properly it won't trip the IP block filter. The ip ban last a few minutes and your right back. Just don't use it on search results pages and don't get banned to much or they may boot you and all your sites from all Google services. Use common sense and you have a powerful tools to help you do as the winners do. The winners don't like it when their money making secret gets out but that's the way it goes online. If your making money online copy cats will come and unless you have a legal right to exclusive pay per click network site arrays and strategies anyone can copy you legally.

    This is a good tool with developers who are like most developers, they have a hard time explaining things to non geeks and get offended when your lack of geek makes their work look bad.

    Hey guys, 3 words, public relations representative .
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  • You'll never look at a website again without it. Excellent for seo as well as online marketing and ecommerce.