Very Useful! Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This extension is invaluable for anyone who is serious about search engine optimization.

While I do agree that the AdsSpy "feature" is intrusive, those boycotting this extension purely because of it are being ridiculous. It literally takes less than five seconds to disable it.

My only other qualm with this extension is the "ad block" that it displays before the search results. Normally this wouldn't be too bad, only it loads *after* the rest of the content on the search page. This means that if you click on the top search result before the page finishes loading you'll actually be clicking on their ad. Rather clever coding, but pretty f-ing obnoxious!

The good news is that this is extension is released under the GNU public license (according to sq_main.js) -- which means you are completely free to edit out the ads. It only takes a few minutes to comment out the pertinent sections (it's in seoquake-2.1.3.xpi\chrome\seoquake.jar\content\plugins\base.js)

You can find a pre-made ad free version here:

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.1.3).