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  • Awesome addon very useful for seo

  • hi

  • best

  • No doubt, this is one of the best seo tool but every time it ask to login again after successful login.

  • the add-on as such is very good. But I am not able to move around the toolbar buttons in this toolbar to other toolbars. I don't want one more toolbar as I already have a lot of free space in other toolbars. Is it not possible to move the buttons of this toolbar to other toolbars or is this a problem only I am facing?

    Developer response


    Thank you for your feedback,

    You can move the location of the toolbar by clicking Help -> Options, then changing the location. You have the option of the statusbar, normal location are various other locations.

    We do not currently support dragging buttons to other toolbars, however I have put in a request with the development team.

    Kind regards,
    Nicholas - Trellian

  • Hi, with which firefox version will it work. im using firefox7 but it does not work. any ideas?

    Developer response

    The latest version of our add on has been tested in version 1.5 to the latest beta version of Firefox (v24.0).

    Andrew M

  • Very useful cool tool.
    I like how it caches the ranks..

  • Very useful to see all ranks on the one toolbar. And I like how it caches the ranks, so it is not wasting time getting the ranks whenever you switch tabs. Can't wait to see a few new features on this, like Compete rank, etc.

  • This is a handy tool if your a website stats geek, this combined with SEO doctor is a great combo.

  • This tool saves a lot of time, instead of going to other sites to look up stats - it also can surprise you with Alexa's page rank. I wasn't expecting Mozilla's add-ons page to be ranked so highly - nice work! It would be nice if somehow websitegrader was worked in as well.

  • It is very helpful to have pagerank, alexa and PI rank all on the one toolbar, rather than a different plugin for each.
    Maybe you could add compete and other ranks in the next version?
    Keep up the good work!

  • Tres pratique ! Tres bon outil SEO. Ca aide bien pour les echanges de liens et voir le PR, classement Alexa, ... Merci ;)