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  • please update this toolbar, I love this tool compare to others available here on firefox add-ons. :(
  • ghjhg
  • The best page rank add-on in firefox in my opinion, I don't need too complicated and too detailed tool, I just need to know the alexa rank of a page, so as to decide whether it is worth my time on it, this add-on provides exactly what I wants in the simplest way, what a pity it has not upgraded to be compatible with the latest firefox version, this situation makes me reluctant to upgrade my firefox.
  • Amazing Experience with Fire Fox
  • OK
  • Well!Thanks for share
  • really great app
  • عالیست
  • page rank and many functions are not working now
  • Doesn't work any more.
  • alexa dont show my backlinks, i mean i make 1000+ backlinks of of my site but alexa show only 59. can some one help me whats happen to this?
  • ottimo grazzie
  • Toolbar is a very nice and very useful. I've been using it for a long time and get a lot of benefits from this toolbar.
  • It's a great addon to check ranks, whois and many more. It could use more information!
  • SEO Status Add-on Toolbar 1.5.9 is really Good. This toolbar give us Google and Alex Page rank features together.

    Working Good but some of firefox version not compatible with it.
  • mozilla develop awesome add on i like it so much....
  • long time i was looking for this addon
    thanks alot
  • The toolbar has many useful features only they don't work therefore I have to give it a low rank, website value not working, backlink checker not working, etc
  • Yaay, a bunch of numbers I don't understand!
  • Functionality is great, but the huge toolbar is a no no for me. Add option to be small icon besides search with only alexa and google and im back.
  • I am using this tool at my mozilla browser and it's really awesome. Just install to avail the benefit of this toolbar.
  • This tool is extremely useful, particularly in its simple way of displaying the information to users. I like the idea of the sliding bars to show you how well yours, or anyone else's, site is performing.

    It is also incredibly useful for SEO link building purposes.
  • this favorite add ons.
    chek this my mozilla firefox at the my computer
  • It so easy to install on my Firefox, its work something clean and clear.it update simple blink of the eye.
  • I recently using this toolbar and it is very useful and helpful for a quick view of the alexa rank and google pr. Added www.BookStuff.com also on the toolbar