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  • "Meta-Description and Meta-Keywords" AFAIK It is kind of outdated in 2018.
  • My favorite plugin for SEO. I hope a new version will come soon that is compatible with the latest version of firefox.
  • best tool for your onpage seo
  • SenSEO now opens in a panel, rather than as part of Firebug.

    The text is way too small and you cannot adjust it. Also, it needs to be in a docked panel.

    Shame - it was great up until version 2.
  • This addon needs work. The documentation is spotty at best and there is no way to get information on why it fails you on certain criteria. I have two domains I tried to use this on, both have social media links / icons on them. Unfortunately, this addon fails them both claiming you should "have social media sharing buttons". I also have a domain I registered in 2007, however this addon fails the domain on "Your domain should be older than 2 years". Hmmm, it is over 6 years old, but I digress.

    Use this addon with a grain of salt....
  • 5 Stars, Great Addon, but it coul double the users but adding some extra features, since iAcquire LinkDiagnosis addon does not work any more for free users of seomoz, i would be a great idea (i just email search status addon developers about this because i´m very interested on this) to add some extra functions to this GREAT addon, such like to check backlinks of any webpage, and what kind of links are this, follow, no-follow, good, bad, what PR is it and something like this that linkdiagnosis used to do but know it does not work any more.
    I really hope Mr Nico Steiner can do something about this, iAquire fumbled, now is time somebody to get the ball again.
  • SenSEO allows webmasters to inspect on-page SEO elements such as title, tags, and keyword density. It really is an excellent tool to analyze a page and find areas for improvement.

    Works flawlessly in Firefox 16.
    Thank you for this nice review :-)

    This addon doesn't work with firefox 16.0.0
    firefox 16.0.1 and 16.0.2.

    Questo addon non funziona con firefox 16.0.0
    firefox 16.0.1 e 16.0.2.

    I'm changin BROWSER and using CHROME only because of this...
    I just released a bugfix version. Because of the Mozilla add-on review process it will take some time until the new release will be available.
  • Excellent and Wonderful Add-on..
  • This is a wonderful plugin. I like how measure keywords density.
    There is only a problem, you can't use 2 words or 3 words. In these days, with such strong competition, nobody tries to optimize for a singler word (keyword).
    It would be very useful to work with two words.
    Thank you for your feedback. I will have a look at this multiple keyword problem and will release a bugfix version.
  • Excellent add-on!
    Thanks for updating it again.

    One suggestion:
    Support for Sitemap_index.xml files.

    Currently only a Sitemap.xml file gets detected if I'm correct.

    Best regards

    Cha Mak
    Thank you for your feedback. I just implemented parsing of robots.txt. In the future SenSEO will check robots.txt sitemap location, when it is specified there.
  • Kindly update so it can be compitable with the new version...
  • Wird dieses Tool noch weiterentwickelt?
    Will this tool be updated anytime in the far future?
    I hope so, because it's a useful and great tool, but unfortunately it doesn't work with the new FF-Versions.
    If the developer decides not to update his tool anymore it would be great do give some information on this page, so that the users will know and stop asking for updated versions... And we can stop to try to make the addon work in some random new FF Versions...
    The developers of Firebug changed the complete API with version 1.8. Until now I was not able to migrate SenSEO to this new API. My askings for a migration guide were not answered by the Firebug team. What looks like a small error (FirebugContext is not defined) is very hard to fix. If you know a document explaining what changed from Firebug 1.7 to 1.8 exactly, please let me know. Right now I only found the release notes which are not very helpful at all.
  • es wäre echt super, wenn das addon für die weiteren ff generationen weiterentwickelt wird. sonst klasse tool, leider geht dies nicht unter ff 6 bzw. ff 7.0.
  • Keine Reaktion, z.B. bei Klick auf "SEO-Analyse starten". Meine Config: FF 5.0, FireBug 1.8.1
  • I'd like to test version 1.5.5, but it wont run in three different FF5 installations:
    -FF5 with Firebug 1.8.0 an Mac
    -FF5 with Firebug 1.8.0 an Win
    -FF5 with Firebug 1.8.0 an Win at another computer even after FF-profile reset.

    After entering the keyword, there is no reaction, no matter which button you click.
    Ich wollte Version 1.5.5 installieren, aber habe es in drei verschiedenen Installationen nicht zum laufen gebracht
    -FF5 with Firebug 1.8.0 auf Mac
    -FF5 with Firebug 1.8.0 auf Win
    -FF5 with Firebug 1.8.0 auf Win an einem seperaten Rechner, selbst nach Profil-reset

    Wenn das Keywod eingegeben wurde reagiert das Addon nicht, egal auf was man klick oder was man eingibt...
  • I know it claims to be only up to FF4 compatible but it has worked perfectly for me with compatibility turned off in FF5.
  • Love it!
    firefox5 support? :)
  • Really awesome tool, i like to use it.
  • Looks great but does not seem to work when html tag has a namespace :(

  • Does exactly what I want; it provides a detailed summary of Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, e.t.c. It's integrated with firebug too! A (another) suggestion would be to remember the last used tab, I mostly use "Show Components".

    Great tool, thanks.
  • A promising add-on in the SEO field. Looks like some more cirteria can be added. A suggestion would be the addition of other languages for generating related keywords.
  • I highly recommend this SEO tool for anybody working on high level onpage SEO. It does extremely quick analysis based on keywords with suggestions and good parameters on things such as Meta character limits and little things like that. Great tool. Thanks a lot SenSEO.
  • It's an awesome tool that gives me a bunch of useful information about all SE-sensitive on-page parameters: contents of my TITLE, META tags and Headlines, warnings in case I misuse them; keyword density report and more. I highly recommend it to be used in junction with the SearchStatus plug-in. These two plug-ins cover all important on-page and off-page parameters that every SEO consultant takes into account when running an SEO audit for a website.
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