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  • It sends the files to VLC, but do not emulate some required protocols, for example if the website sends video by parts, the extension will be able to only play the downloaded parts 1 by 1 . unlike a VLC for Android app by Videolabs .
  • All the permissions and the extra exe.....
  • Deleted because it became irrelevant.
  • all the permissions needed by this addon make me anxious
  • Не работает, пишет: For the extension to work there is one extra step. Please download, unzip and install this minimal native client. vlc установлен, ничего дополнительно скачивать не собираюсь
  • Needs to be more user friendly please! Thanks
  • It doesn't work. Instructions for how to make it work is of little help. I don't have the time to deal with this.
  • Cool
  • Mi familia fotos
  • Chevere
  • Wondering how this will work with my android.
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