THIS is my newest favorite add-on; THANK YOU! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have the usuals (Ghostery, ABP) and even the awesome "HTML5 Local Storage Explorer" installed (look it up if you don't know it), and have used other add-ons to manage profiles (now removed), a tightly managed whitelist (even different machines for different sites). But I installed Lightbeam and saw a horror of sites connected anyway (mostly 3rd party). THAT could not be, so I did a lot of hand-editing (HOSTS file, etc) just to read some websites! ...until I tried SDC. SDC almost ALONE turned my "constellation of stars" from Lightbeam to an empty black space. Well, there are a few (UNCONNECTED!!!) sites -- the few I've whitelisted -- and I know the big HOSTS file helps. ABP keeps all ads off that my HOSTS file misses; and Ghostery and Flashblock (or QuickJava) are great for allowing temporary flash or JS buttons (that SDC will destroy later anyway!). Better Privacy is very convenient,and if not for these add-ons, I'd probably have had an entirely WHITE Lightbeam page (and I'm more of a reader than a social user). —But SDC keeps my Lightbeam BLACK (cookie-free) and my profile (get "Open Profile Folder" to easily view and back that up) clean. THANK YOU Ove; I love it. (Btw I also recommend the lesser-known "Remove Cookie for Google Account Chooser" as it's the ONLY add-on that has kept Google usable on family/friend laptops (so I don't end up logging in to others' email -- seriously, Google is a problem! Get that add-on to stuff it to Google). But overall, SDC has made my browsing experience feel a lot more secure than it has in years. (PS: Guy below me: read the FAQ and it tells you how to stop SDC from resetting your white lists, but you can also backup your white list, too. *Bing* it. :)

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