Why do cookies still show up in Cookies list? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I see all the notifications indicating that trackers and cookies are being destroyed, but when I go through Firefox's settings to the Cookies list, I still see the cookies. For example, mail.google.com, accounts.google.com, and google.com are all present even after I close all the relevant tabs.

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If you are sure that you have not whitelisted Google (you can view your entire whitelist from SDC's preferences page), the most probable cause is that you regularly return to the google.com domain.

Do you use Google's search? SDC will remove a site's cookies after you close it's tabs, not immediately after you navigate away from the page. If you have an open tab and there is a google.com page in its recent history (up to about 5 pages back or so, depending on a variety of factors), the cookies will not self-destruct. This behaviour is required to keep inter-domain transactions working (think of a shop forwarding you to a payment processor and back).

As a workaround, open links followed from Google's search in a new tab, or simply switch to a different search engine. startpage.com - for example - uses Google's index and respects your privacy.