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  • I do not like it that Dirty Little Helpers (self destroying cookies) plant a cookie of their own that has to stay there because if you clear it it will show up again. Insidious

    Developer response

    Please make sure to use the latest version!

  • scam, the addon phones home and steals your browsing and search history.

  • Perfect!

  • Silently connects to yaunel.com in POST. -> trash.
    Connect websites you visit to yaunel.com an send JSON files
    This is an awful scam.

  • This addon is connecting to a website called yaunel.com when the user goes to www.google.com. As soon as the addon is disabled or removed, the connections to yaunel.com are no longer reported by ublock0 or umatirx.

    Cookies are not destroyed after tabs are closed and are persistent.

    I am going to remove this addon and look for another solution.

  • absolutely the BEST extension out there other than Google Translator! :) super dooper! :)

  • I'm having the same problem of Anonymous user 62e4c8, I visit a website that for example allows google to place a 3rd party cookie and the google cookie remains until I manually remove it.
    My browser: Latest Firefox, Quantum 59.0.2 - windows 10
    I tried several times and the problems is there in the same way on the same websites, actually pretty common websites like news online websites, no warez, if you know what I mean.
    Something must be done here, in the meantime I'm going for another solution.
    Best Regards

  • This add-on does not do what it says it does :
    I have plenty of cookies hanging there afer I close my tabs.
    Just see for yourself: install the junk, surf for an hour or two, then check Firefox Tools/Options/Privacy & Security : Show Cookies. You will see an infestation.

    Most importantly, it does not destroy facebook cookies, which systematically number between 4 and 5 each time I visit a facebook page, and survive after the facebook pages tabs have been closed. However, if there are cookies you want to destroy, it certainly is Facebook cookies.

    In about.config, my privacy.firstparty.isolate value is set to false, as required.
    In my version of this add-on option, "Keep 3rd-Party-Cookies" is unchecked. That would imply that they should be destroyed. But nope, they are not, because, as the tech mentioned bellow in response to my inital review, It may happen (...) that the addon can not detect and destroy those cookies...
    Too bad!

    And same story for HSTS cookies! (as confirmed by tech's response bellow)
    too bad!..

    → So basically, this addon does not help where help is needed. A complete failure.

    Developer response

    Please read the description carefully.
    "It may happen that a website creates Third-Party-Cookies, that the addon can not detect and aren't deleted and also HSTS-Cookies can not be removed by scripts"

  • very easy, logical, good! :)
    Is it available for Opera, Chrome ?

    Developer response

    Yes it is also available in the Chrome Store:

  • Using the latest version (.1049) and TWICE it has lost my whitelist and settings.

    Wasn't this issue FIXED?

  • All the previous limitations and issues seems to be fixed. It's perfect now! Thank you!

  • Thank you developers.
    I am very happy With this addon.

  • OK+ + + + + :)

  • It would be good to add a badge showing the number of cookies on the current page that can be deleted. Working fine and highly configurable.
    Does-it work with "websites.firstPartyIsolate" turned to "true" in about.config?

    PS: I found this https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/auto-destroy-cookies/ is it a developer affiliated with you? Because it's exactly the same extension and there is also "support@dirtylittlehelpers.com" in the bottom of the pop-up menu. Only the name and the icon are different.

    Developer response

    Due to the fact that more and more users report that they use firstPartyIsolate we have decided to implement it with the next update. So currently it will not work.

    Thank you for telling us about Auto-Destroy-Cookies. This addon is NOT affiliated with us in any way and we have reported the extension.

  • Great app. Does exactly what it says, and always respects the whitelist. Additionally, items in the whitelist can be set to never be deleted, or deleted when the browser is closed adding in an extra bit of flexibility.

    For those having trouble accessing the options, just scroll down on the page that opens after pressing the cog. Don't leave negative reviews just because you cannot find it.

  • C'mon complaining people,learn your settings!It's a very useful esxtension running smoothly.
    Thanks to the developer.

  • [52-ESR] Looks promising but doesn't show the settings (whitelist, domain opt etc.) set in the previous sessions (while seems still respect it)

  • I have noticed it is deleting cookies regardless of the "consider open tabs" and root domains settings (I have these both ticked, but have experimented with all combinations just to be sure). For example, go to https://www.holidaysafe.co.uk/multi-trip-travel-insurance/ and click "Get a Quote". A new tab will open with a quotation form. Note that a cookie for holidaysafe.co.uk has been set. Now, close the previous tab. The cookie disappears. In this example, the site won't accept the form submission because no cookie is present.

    Developer response

    Thank you for the report. Sadly we can not reproduce this. In our tests (Firefox for Windows and Ubuntu Firefox) cookies are deleted after you also close the second tab (which is the correct behaviour). Please make sure to have everything up to date. Maybe you can contact us via email (support@dirtylittlehelpers.com) and provide us some additional info about your system and Firefox settings so we can track down the issue.

  • Been working well and then it updated. Destroyed my whitelist completely wasting weeks of work getting it right.
    This is totally unacceptable and I have now lost confidence.

    Developer response

    We are really sorry! Your settings including your whitelist aren't lost. Please update to v0.1049 (you may have to restart your browser after that). Again sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Not all cookies are deleted. Sometimes dozens are still there after their tabs have been deleted.

    Where is "the popup" I see the developer referring to in several answers?
    How can I access it?
    Are you referring to when I click on the "Self Destroying Cookies" icon on the address bar?
    I don't see a gear wheel there, nor other things the developer refers to in their posts.

    Developer response


    please contact us via email (support@dirtylittlehelpers.com) so we can explain to you "what is where" and which settings suit you best.

    Best regards :)

  • Update reset the white list. Not only for me it seems. Great job!

    Edit: A tip to others to protect yourself from the "if it ain't broke, break it" mentality, you can disable updates for specific add-ons.

    Developer response

    Sorry for this! Your settings (including your whitelist) are not lost and should be back after you updated to v0.1049 (maybe you have to restart your browser)

  • Once again, but for the last time I have lost all my whitelisted sites and other settings. I liked this addon otherwise, but I am done with it. What a disappointment. I might consider switching back if this isn't happening anymore, but it's more likely I'll get used to a different one. At least there are several to choose from.

    Edit: Nope, it's still missing all my changes and whitelist.

    Developer response

    We are really sorry! Your settings (including your whitelist) should be back after you updated to v0.1049 (maybe you have to restart your browser)

  • Just had one of your updates I had to confirm yes to and yet again all my settings were lost 26/1/18.
    Shame it does this otherwise nice add-on.

    Developer response

    Sorry! Your old settings should be back after you update to v0.1049 (maybe you have to restart your browser)

  • I was using Self Destructing Cookies for years... But it will not be updated to work with newer Firefox. I confirm the issue that previous user reported : my settings for this add-on are not saved across browser restarts, redo the settings manually every time. Firefox 58.0 on Linux too (Debian).

    Developer response

    should be fixed now

  • Really like this addon. However, I would prefer a global setting for the delay instead of setting it individually for each site I visit.