beta 8 Rated 4 out of 5 stars

SelectionSK 0.5 Beta 8 - you add "itema from FF menu can be added to the addons menu" but I think you chose the hard way ... because this option dont support custom sorting for example from extension "Menu Settings", dont suport extension "SmartSearch" (for now) ...
Please simply add the option like in AutoContext where You can choose which context menu to display - Your or standard Firefoxes :) and I'll give you not five but SIX STARS!!!

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Custom sorting is supported for regular items; I am going to add a support for additional items as well.
SmartSearch doesn't work because its menu item doesn't have a label; I sent an email to author and implemented generic workaround on SelectionSK; feel free to check new beta.
Show global context menu is not an option for now - first, global context menu has a lot of unnecessary items; second it replaces SelectionSK menu and, basically, eliminates all SelectionSK functionality which doesn't make any sense for me.