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  • good
  • please FIx it!
  • It did what it promised to do but with the current version of Firefox it seems to have stopped working. Development seems to have stopped a long time ago.... Time to go looking for a decent alternative add-on!
  • Very good. Thank you!
  • I use this add on for gaming to be able to claim many links quickly and easily.I wouldn't know what to do without it.Love it!!
  • One of the best firefox-addons ever !
    It is so universally good and clever
    that it be great to find it as well as
    a thunderbird-addon.

    I am willing to pay contribution
    for this excellent piece of software-development-art !!!

    Thank you very much!

    Best greetings from Bert, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Dieses sehr nützliche AddOn bewirkt folgende 2 Einträge im Kontext-Menü:
    * "Auswahl öffnen"
    * "Auswahl download*
    Bei Internet-Seiten, wo Links nicht als aktive Links vorgesehen sind, ist dieses AddOn damit sehr nützlich! Klappt tadellos mit Fiefox portable 31.0!
  • Was unable to get download option to show on Firefox v27 and suspect add on is at fault. Tried multiple sites and disabled all other plugins encase on cross interference.
  • This made google search much harder to use. By introducing links to youtube and twitter, it disabled google's first result to any search which made accessing things very annoying.
  • I like it !
  • Had to disable so the first 5 links on ESPN main site's 'Headlines' section worked. Will add back once fixed!
  • Did just what I wanted - I highlighted 130+ files on a page - right clicked to "Download Selection" and it just downloaded them - exactly what I wanted - Thank you!
  • This should be a default feature of a browser. Using this, I just need to click one link, instead of clicking 50 times on various links. I wish there was a way I could upload a video here on how I use it.
  • I thought this would be just what I was looking for, allowing me to download multiple files that are linked to on a page, but it is really only about half baked.

    You can highlight multiple links to be saved, but then you are presented with a sequence of save dialogs - one for each and every link! Plus you have to enter a unique filename for each one - an identical default value appears in the dialog each time.

    What I expected: The filenames that already exist on the server would be used, and you would be asked just once where to put the files. The point is to save time and reduce a repetitive operation to a single easy one, not to swap one tedious process for another one that is only slightly less tedious.

    The way this works is hardly any better than doing it manually one at a time, at least for saving linked files or images to your hard drive, which is what I needed it for.
  • Works well but is lacking features.
    #1 Could you please add a "Copy links to Clipboard".
    #2 Please add the ability to copy multiple links that are "Text Links".
    With these features added I will change my rating to a 5 star rating.
  • Works well enough but would be handy if I only had to confirm the dialog box when saving once - instead I have to wait for 50 links worth of dialog boxes to load and say 'save' on each..
  • I use this all the time. Thanks a lot for making it!
  • Just what I wanted. On the side: if you remove unnecessary files from the .xpi the size drops by 85% give or take. (I have a strong preference for smaller extensions)
  • Stopped working recently on firefox 5 (Windows). Context menu options are available. But after clicking on "Selection Open" nothing happens. Anyways, one thing I must say that the add on is handy indeed. Wishing to get it back in action.
  • right click doesn't seem to work to get the "Selection Open" menu. I don't know if there's some special key, but if there is, it should be written in the instructions.

    All I know is that I have a Mac and FireFox 5 and it doesn't work.
  • I didn't like the position of the Selection Links context menu items, on top of all other items. Fortunately I found another Firefox addon, "Menu Editor" that makes it possible to change all kinds of Firefox menus, including the main context menu. Apart from that I like Selection Links, its working fine with no unnecessary whistles and bells.
  • Great! THX :)
  • thanks a lot! it works properly. it would be nice if it could open links directly with a key such as ctrl+right mouse button.
  • A nice and useful add-on. Snaplinks doesn't work with 3.5 and up so far...
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