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This can NOT erase *all* data from an ATA drive -- nor can any similar "erase software". Here are a few terms with which to familiarize yourself:

Device Control Overlay
Host Protected Area

^ Not a complete list.

Use a RAM drive for cache. Problem solved.

The only way to ensure data destruction on an ATA drive is to DESTROY the drive itself.

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Interesting note!
The aim of this extension is simply to wipe FF cache files, not to wipe whole HD (like other erase tools do). So I don't care if it is not able to access "Host Protected Area" or "Device Control Overlay" areas because FF cache is not stored there.
A different story is for G-list sectors. It's possible that during FF usage some sectors becomes unreadable and are added to G-list. Ok, these sectors cannot be wiped by this extension. On the other hand these sectors are damaged and unreadable, so I assume it is quit difficult to retrive original information.

Anyway I agree with you: it is not possible to destroy infos via software with 100% of certainty.